Jarvee Proxy Integration with Bright Data

Jarvee can help you automate all the activities on your social media accounts. Learn how to setup your Jarvee proxy settings and integrate with Bright Data’s proxy services with ease.

  • Begin by going to your Bright Data Dashboard and clicking ‘create a Zone’.
  • Choose ‘Network type’ and click save.
  • Within Jarvee, click the ‘Proxy Manager’ tab.
  • Click ‘Add Proxy’.
  • Fill in the ‘Proxy IP: Port’ column with zproxy.lum-superproxy.io:22225
  • Under ‘Proxy Username’ input your Bright Data account ID and proxy Zone name: lum-customer-CUSTOMER-zone-YOURZONE
  • Under ‘Proxy Pass’ input your Zone password found in the Zone settings.
  • Click ‘Verify Proxy’.
  • Under ‘Social Profiles’, select the Jarvee profile you created and click the ‘Add’ button.

Proxy Manager and Jarvee Integration

  • Create a Zone with the network, IP type, and number of IPs you wish to use.
  • Install the Proxy Manager.
  • Click ‘add new proxy’ and choose the Zone and settings you require, click ‘save’.
  • In Jarvee, on the left-hand side, choose the ‘Proxy Manager’ Tab.
  • Click ‘Add proxy’ and under the ‘Select Proxy IP: Port’ column input the IP:Port (i.e.
    • The local host IP is
    • The port created in the Proxy Manager is 24XXX, for example, 24000
  • Leave the username and password field empty, as the Bright Data Proxy Manager has already been authenticated
  • Click ‘Verify Proxy Link’.
  • Under ‘Social Profiles’, select the Jarvee profile you created and click the ‘Add’ button.

About Bright Data proxies:

Residential proxies: With over 72 million real IPs from 195 countries, Bright Data’s residential proxies enable you to access any website content regardless of location, while avoiding IP bans and CAPTCHAs.

ISP proxies: With over 700,000 ISP IPs, leverage real static IPs from any city in the world, assigned by ISPs and leased to Bright Data for your exclusive use, for as long as you require.

Datacenter proxies: With over 770,000 datacenter IPs, Bright Data’s datacenter proxy network is built of multiple IP types across the world, in a shared IP pool or for individual purchase.

Mobile proxies: With over 7 million mobile IPs, Bright Data’s advanced Mobile IP Network offers the fastest and largest real-peer 3G/4G/5G IPs network in the world.