Managing a global e-commerce platform

Business impact

  • Significantly improve data collection capabilities
  • Increased accuracy of eCommerce data
  • Decrease overall bandwidth with Captcha Solver

About the company

This e-commerce company collects pricing information and compares the prices from different countries.

The Challenge

The company realized they had an insufficient amount of IPs, which caused them to get captcha, blocked and misled entirely throughout their scraping operations.

How Bright Data‘s Residential IPs network solved this

The company not only had enough IPs, but by utilizing the Waterfall method they could use multiple networks in tandem, allowing them to increase their scraping operations. The Proxy Manager allowed this Bright Data customer to decrease bandwidth by setting up our Captcha Solver and using the preset configuration online shopping. The preset automatically sets DNS to resolve, generates a random-user agent for each request, creates an explanatory rule for post-processing and enables SSL analyzing.

The outcome

With Bright Data‘s one-stop-shop solution, this e-commerce conglomerate finally had more than a sufficient amount of IPs to conduct their data collection efforts. Utilizing the Waterfall option and the ‘online shopping’ preset within the Proxy Manager, provided more accurate data and a decrease in overall bandwidth.

Bright Data‘s Waterfall method provides the ability to work with all three of our networks, based on a set of rules that you decide. For more information, please email [email protected] or signup.

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