Global Ad Campaigns and Monitoring

Business impact

  • Gather accurate campaign data
  • Cut proxy spending by 50%
  • Ensure inventory compliance

About the company

This Bright Data customer is a self-service advertising platform that works with ad exchanges, publishers and websites. They work with banner campaigns in all verticals throughout the world while offering fraud blocking features within their platform.

The challenge

This advertising company noticed that non-compliant ads were appearing on their platform. They determined this was due to partners they are working with, who allowed for adult content and malware (cloaked as casual gaming ads) into their inventory. The second issues was that time to time the ads served were ‘out of stock’ due to a large number of affiliates along their delivery cycle. The team realized they required a solution with high scalability that would allow them to maintain the integrity of their inventory, without being detected by the fraudulent players.

How Bright Data solved this

The company noticed that their suppliers would not serve the same ad to the same IP more than once. By using Bright Data‘s Residential Proxy Network, they now had access to 72M+ IPs which provided the ability to use a new IP for every request. The other issue was that the bidder platform was sensitive to a repeating header even if the IP was changing. By utilizing the Proxy Manager, they were able to choose overriding headers, user-agents and a random user-agent with an easy-to-use drop-down menu. This allowed the advertising platform to reduce the number of retries, and the overall time spent on combating them.

The outcome

By utilizing Bright Data‘s Residential Network in tandem with the Proxy Manager, this Bright Data customer was able to gather more accurate campaign data and ensure their inventories compliance while reducing their proxy spent by 50%.

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