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Business impact

  • Data-intensive, analytical solutions
  • Focus on analytics, enabled by data delivery
  • Enables Cervello customers to plan their pipeline

About the company

 Cervello is a market-leading professional services firm dedicated to helping progressive enterprises dramatically improve data management and business analytics. It specializes in data-intensive, analytical solutions for finance, sales, human resources, marketing, services, and information technology. The company is an elite, industry-leading team of functional and technical experts focused on the convergence of Enterprise Performance Management, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and CRM. It works with its business and technology stakeholders in a collaborative, fast-paced, agile project structure and is focused on delivering meaningful results to its customers, who are mainly in the CPG & Retail, financial services, and life science areas.

The challenge 

Cervello was challenged in accessing the online data it needed in order to create excellent analytical solutions for its customers. These solutions help its customers understand consumer behavior and trends, manage discounting for inventory and profit, and in general provides better analytics into their online channels. Initially, the company had a suite of microservices built by developers so it could collect online data on its own. However, the company quickly understood that as the online sphere rapidly changes, it would have needed to employ someone full-time to be able to adjust its platform constantly to deal with these changes and collect the data it needed. Cervello understood that resources had to be put towards the creation of these analytical solutions, and not towards collecting the online data itself.

The solution

Cervello chose the Bright Web Scraper IDE in order to access and collect the online data it needed with very quick turnarounds and consistency in performance. For one of its customers, a large, multinational Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company it needed to collect large amounts of online data in the vitamins, minerals, and supplements space. With the Bright Web Scraper IDE, Cervello just requests the types of data it needs (product attributes from tens of thousands of web pages), and it’s delivered to them in a CSV file. From there, it feeds the data to its machine learning model for Natural Language Processing (NLP). Its client is very happy with the results achieved using the Bright Web Scraper IDE and is now using it for its 2021 pipeline planning as well. This is just one example of how Cervello uses the Bright Data Collector for its customers.

The outcome

With the Bright Web Scraper IDE, Cervello is now able to get the online data it needs in order to focus on its core business – building intelligent, data-intensive, analytical solutions for its customers in the finance, sales, human resources, marketing, and information technology industries.

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