10 Best Dataset Websites of 2024: Ultimate Comparison

Learn about datasets, what to consider when comparing dataset websites, and discover the top dataset providers on the market.
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Best Datasets Websites

In this guide on the best dataset websites, you will learn:

  • What a dataset is
  • What aspects to consider when comparing websites for datasets
  • The list of the top dataset providers on the market

Let’s dive in!

What Is a Dataset?

A dataset, also known as a data set, is a collection of topic-related data organized in a structured format. Typically, this structure is a table, spreadsheet, or a collection of files. In tables and spreadsheets, the structure is defined by columns while data records are represented by rows, such as in an Excel file. 

Example of a dataset in Excel

Datasets can contain various types of data, including numerical, textual, images, videos, and more. Popular formats for datasets are CSV, JSON, XLS, and Parquet.

Common use cases for datasets include machine learning and AI, business intelligence, scientific research, healthcare, finance, product enrichment, market research, trend analysis, sentiment analysis, and others.

The dataset market has become extremely popular because data is now considered the most valuable asset on Earth. As a result, many dataset websites have emerged in recent years. Time to learn more about these platforms so you can find the right one for your needs!

Aspect to Consider When Comparing Dataset Websites

These are the main elements to keep into account when selecting the best sites for datasets on the market:

  • Features: The list of capabilities, products, and services offered by the dataset provider to complement its offerings.
  • Data categories: The categories of data offered by the dataset provider (e.g., finance, real estate, etc.).
  • Data formats: The formats users can download datasets in (e.g., JSON, CSV, etc.).
  • Delivery systems: The methods supported by the dataset company to provide data to users.
  • Data types: The presence of textual and numeric data, as well as multimedia files and more.
  • Data historicity: The availability of historical, pre-collected, and fresh data.
  • Compliance: Supported copyright licenses and observance of GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection regulations
  • G2 review score: The score of the reviews left by customers and users on G2.
  • Free datasets: The presence of free datasets that users can freely download to evaluate data quality before purchasing a paid plan.
  • Pricing: Prices of the dataset plans offered by the provider.

Best Websites For Datasets

See the 10 best dataset websites selected and ranked based on the criteria presented earlier.

1. Bright Data

Bright Data's datasets page

Bright Data emerges as the best web proxy provider on the market. In addition, its proxy services and web scraping solutions form the foundation for data acquisition services. Through the Bright Data dataset marketplace, you have access to a wide range of datasets. These cover diverse categories, such as business, finance, social media, and more. 

Specifically, users can choose between:

  • Pre-built datasets: Sourced from popular websites, they ensure hassle-free data access with standardized schemas and formats like JSON and CSV. 
  • Custom datasets: Tailored to specific needs using, they guarantee high flexibility and offer endless possibilities.

The dataset offerings include both subscription and one-time purchase options, accommodating various preferences. Bright Data ensures data quality through strict validation methods, adhering to compliance standards such as GDPR and CCPA. 

For developers, integrating with Bright Data is simple, especially thanks to its in-depth documentation. In case of need, the provider offers responsive customer support from a team of over 80 data experts. Trusted by over 20,000 customers globally, Bright Data stands out for its commitment to delivering actionable insights through robust data solutions.

  • Features: Proxy services, free proxies, Scraping Browser API, Web Scraper APIs, SERP API, Web Unlocker, API integrations, several time range options for data update, customizable datasets for timeframes, geographic regions, and specific data fields
  • Data categories: Real estate, business, AI and LLMs, e-commerce, finance, travel, social media, and more
  • Data formats: JSON, NDJSON, CSV, XLSX, Parquet
  • Delivery systems: API, Snowflake, Webhook, Google Cloud, Email, PubSub, Amazon S3, SFTP, Azure
  • Data types: Textual, numeric, image, video, and structured data
  • Data historicity: Historic, pre-collected, fresh
  • Compliance: GDPR, CCPA, and others 
  • G2 review score: 4.6/5
  • Free datasets: Yes, via free datasets and sample datasets
  • Pricing:
    • Dataset marketplace: Starting from $300/mo or $500 one time
    • Custom datasets: Starting from $300/mo or $1000 one time

2. Datarade

Datarade dataset search

Datarade is a platform that simplifies finding, comparing, and accessing data products from over 500 premium dataset providers worldwide. This also includes Bright Data. As a dataset marketplace, it offers a comprehensive overview of datasets across 560+ categories. Users can instantly preview data samples, compare pricing, and receive expert sourcing advice free of charge. Datarade provides efficient data acquisition to meet diverse business needs, from AI training to consumer behavior insights.

  • Features: Data monetization, data sourcing experts, while other features largely depend on the data provider
  • Data categories: Financial data, B2B data, geospatial data, commerce data, consumer data, trade data, weather data, environmental data, real-estate data, contact data, web data, transaction data, legal data, healthcare data, and more
  • Data formats: Depends on the data provider, but includes CSV, JSON, and many others
  • Delivery systems: Depends on the data provider, but includes AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and several others
  • Data types: Depends on the data provider, but includes textual, numeric, and multimedia data
  • Data historicity: Historic, pre-collected, fresh
  • Compliance: Depends on the data provider, but includes GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • G2 review score: 4.5/5
  • Free datasets: Depends on the data provider, but many of them have a free sample preview option
  • Pricing: Depends on the data provider, from a few dollars to thousands of dollars

3. Statista

Statista search

Statista is a prominent scientific data provider, offering insights and statistics across 170 industries and over 150 countries. As a dataset provider, it delivers extensive statistics, forecasts, and market reports, empowering users with valuable information for research and decision-making. Statista supports both businesses and researchers thanks to various subscription options. The end goal is to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of trends and world dynamics.

  • Features: Research AI, chart of the day, market and consumer insights, advanced filtering options
  • Data categories: Consumer goods & FMCG, Internet, media & advertising, retail & trade, sports & recreation, technology & telecommunications, transportation & logistics, travel, tourism & hospitality
  • Data formats: XLS, PNG, PDF, PPT
  • Delivery systems: File download
  • Data types: Textual, numeric, and multimedia data
  • Data historicity: Historic, pre-collected
  • Compliance: Undisclosed
  • G2 review score: 4.2/5
  • Free datasets: Available
  • Pricing:
    • Basic: Free for free stats
    • Starter: $199/mo for free stats and premium stats
    • Personal: $549/mo for free stats, premium stats, and PDF reports
    • Professional: $959/mo for free stats, premium stats, PDF reports, and market insights

4. Zyte

Zyte data

Zyte provides a data extraction service provider based on web scraping. It offers businesses standardized and customized dataset solutions, ensuring high accuracy and compliance with legal standards. The company handles everything from finding and cleaning data to formatting and delivering it. Their services cover a wide range of data types, making it a versatile choice for various business needs.

  • Features: Proxy services, scraping API, Scrapy Cloud
  • Data categories: News & articles, real estate, product reviews, music, jobs, flights, movies, social media, AI, and more
  • Data formats: JSON, CSV, and more
  • Delivery systems: Amazon S3, any cloud platform 
  • Data types: Textual, numeric, and multimedia data
  • Data historicity: Pre-collected, fresh
  • Compliance: GDPR, general legal compliance
  • G2 review score: 4.2/5
  • Free datasets: Yes, via sample datasets
  • Pricing:
    • Standard: From $450/mo for standard datasets from 40,000 sites
    • Custom: From $1,000/mo for custom datasets

5. AWS Data Exchange

AWS data exchange datasets

AWS Data Exchange is a cloud-based service that allows users to find, subscribe to, and use third-party datasets seamlessly. It offers a vast catalog of data files, tables, and APIs from numerous providers. These are all integrated with AWS services. Users benefit from streamlined data procurement, governance, and flexible delivery options. That enables faster data-driven insights and decision-making across various industries.

  • Features: Integration with the AWS ecosystem, advanced dataset filtering, similar datasets
  • Data categories: Retail, location & marketing, financial services, resources, healthcare & life, sciences, public sector, media & entertainment, telecommunications, automotive, manufacturing, environmental, gaming
  • Data formats: Objects for AWS S3 or similar technologies
  • Delivery systems: AWS technologies
  • Data types: Depends on dataset, but includes textual, numeric, and multimedia data
  • Data historicity: Historic, pre-collected, fresh
  • Compliance: Standard Data Subscription agreement, Open Data licenses
  • G2 review score: —
  • Free datasets: Available
  • Pricing: Depends on the dataset, from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per month

6. Data & Sons

Data & Sons datasets

Data & Sons is an open dataset marketplace where users can buy, sell, and share data. It offers a platform for listing datasets, making them easily accessible for buyers with a simple purchase process. Sellers can monetize their data repeatedly, while buyers benefit from a wide range of datasets, from mailing lists to industry-specific data. The dataset website ensures privacy and transparency, reviewing all datasets to protect personal information.

  • Features: Dataset requests, free how-to tutorials on how to use datasets
  • Data categories: Finance, business, economics, science, education, engineering, health, marketing, and many others
  • Data formats: CSV
  • Delivery systems: File download
  • Data types: Textual and numeric
  • Data historicity: Historic, pre-collected
  • Compliance: CC and others
  • G2 review score: —
  • Free datasets: No, but preview of the first 50 rows of all datasets for logged-in users
  • Pricing: Depends on the data provider, from a few dollars to thousands of dollars

7. Oxylabs

Oxylabs datasets

Oxylabs is a scraping provider that also offers ready-to-use datasets. These are specialized on company data and include data from sources like Owler, AngelList, CrunchBase, and others. They provide insights on company size, industry, revenue, and more. The idea is to support businesses in finding investment opportunities, tracking competitors, and making data-driven decisions.

  • Features: Proxy services, Scraper API, monthly/quarterly/bi-annually data updates, custom datasets, dedicated account manager
  • Data categories: Company, e-commerce, job postings, community and code, product reviews
  • Data formats:  XLXSL, CSV, JSON
  • Delivery systems: AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, SPTF, WEB Hook
  • Data types: Textual and numeric
  • Data historicity: Pre-collected, fresh
  • Compliance: GDPR, CCPA
  • G2 review score: 4.5/5
  • Free datasets: No
  • Pricing: From $1,000/month

8. Coresignal

Coresignal data

In the market since 2016, Coresignal is one of the few dataset websites specialized in workforce analytics. It has a vast range of datasets, including professional network data, company data, employee data, job postings, startup data, and more. These datasets are sourced from 20 different platforms and include over 3 billion records. The company guarantees high data quality and flexible delivery options tailored to business needs.

  • Features: Data APIs, daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly data updates, online documentation
  • Data categories: Company data, employee data, job posting data, startup data, and more job-oriented data
  • Data formats: JSON, JSONL, CSV, Parquet
  • Delivery systems: API, CSV files
  • Data types: Mainly textual data
  • Data historicity: Historical, pre-collected, fresh
  • Compliance: CCPA, GDPR, and EWDCI member
  • G2 review score: —
  • Free datasets: No, but free consultations and sample data available online
  • Pricing: Starting from $1250

9. Kaggle

Kaggle datasets

Kaggle is a leading online community for data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts, boasting over 18 million members. As a dataset website, it offers 343K public datasets on diverse topics. Users can access these datasets in various formats, along with 1.1M public notebooks and 5,400 pre-trained machine learning models. This is all available for free. The platform also gives users the ability to enter contests and share code and ML models.

  • Features: Data science competitions, machine learning archive
  • Data categories: Computer science, education, classification, computer vision, NLP, data visualization, pre-trained model
  • Data formats: JSON, CSV, and others
  • Delivery systems: File download
  • Data types: Depends on dataset, but includes textual, numeric, and multimedia data
  • Data historicity: Historic, pre-collected
  • Compliance: Apache 2.0, CC, and others
  • G2 review score: 4.7/5
  • Free datasets: Yes
  • Pricing: Free

10. Bloomberg Enterprise Data Catalog

Bloomberg enterprise data catalog

Known for its Terminal, Bloomberg is a global leader in financial data, offering real-time and historical market data, news, and insights to professionals worldwide. In detail, the Bloomberg Enterprise Data Catalog is a collection of over 500 meticulously curated financial datasets designed for enterprise applications. Accessible via Bloomberg services and a REST API interface, this catalog allows organizations to integrate comprehensive financial data into their systems.

  • Features: Integration with Bloomberg Terminal
  • Data categories: ESG, event-driven feeds, funds, market, pricing, reference, regulatory
  • Data formats: PDF reports and more
  • Delivery systems: SFTP, REST API, or integrations with cloud environments
  • Data types: Textual and numeric 
  • Data historicity: Historic, pre-collected, fresh
  • Compliance: Undisclosed
  • G2 review score: —
  • Free datasets: No, but free demo available
  • Pricing: Undisclosed

Best Dataset Websites: Summary Table

Compare the top websites for datasets in the summary table below:

Dataset Provider Features Data Categories Data Types GDPR Compliance G2 Review Sample Datasets Pricing
Bright Data Tons Diverse Textual, numeric, image, video, structured ✔️ 4.6/5 ✔️ Starting from $300/mo
Datarade A few Diverse Textual, numeric, multimedia ✔️ 4.5/5 ✔️ Depends on dataset
Statista Many Diverse Textual, numeric, multimedia 4.2/5 ✔️ Starting from $199/mo
Zyte Many Diverse Textual, numeric, multimedia ✔️ 4.2/5 ✔️ Starting from $450/mo
AWS Data Exchange Low Diverse Textual, numeric, multimedia ✔️ Depends on dataset
Data & Sons Low Diverse Textual, numeric Depends on dataset
Oxylabs Many Company & job Textual, numeric ✔️ 4.5/5 Starting from $1,000/mo
Coresignal A few Company & job Textual ✔️ ✔️ Starting from $1,250
Kaggle A few ML & AI Textual, numeric, multimedia 4.7/5 ✔️ Free
Bloomberg Enterprise Data Catalog Low Finance Textual, numeric


In this comparison blog post, you gained insight into the world of dataset websites. You explored the key factors to consider when comparing sites for datasets and applied them to compile a list of the best dataset sites. As it turned out, Bright Data is the most complete dataset provider in the industry.

Bright Data operates a large, fast, and reliable proxy network, used by many Fortune 500 companies and over 20,000 customers. That is used to ethically retrieve data from the Web and offer them in a vast dataset marketplace, which includes:

Talk to one of our sales reps and see which of Bright Data’s products best suits your needs.

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