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Award-winning proxy networks, powerful web scrapers, and ready-to-use datasets for download. Welcome to the world’s #1 web data platform.

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How the world collects public web data

Award-winning proxy networks, AI-powered web scrapers, and business-ready datasets for download.
Welcome to the internet’s most trusted web data platform.

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One platform, multiple ways to get the data you need


Get complete, structured datasets you can trust

Get structured and accurate datasets for every use case. If we don’t have the dataset you need in our marketplace yet, we’ll create a custom dataset for you. Learn more

Everything you need to scrape seamlessly and at scale

Web Scraper IDE
Build scrapers fast using existing templates for popular websites
Scraping Browser
Playwright/Puppeteer-compatible browser with built-in website unblocking actions
Web Unlocker
API to handle all website unblocking actions (when browsers are not needed)
API to scrape & parse search engine results

Reliable proxies with global coverage

Residential Proxies
72 million+ IPs in 195 countries
ISP Proxies
700,000+ real IPs for long-term use
Datacenter Proxies
770,000+ shared IPs built to scale
Mobile Proxies
7 million+ IPs to see like a real mobile user

Universal compatibility with all coding languages, tools, and BI software


Powered by an award-winning 
proxy network

Over 72 million IPs, best-in-class technology and the ability to target any country, city, carrier & ASN make our premium proxy services a top choice for developers.
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Leading the way in ethical web data collection

We have set the gold standard for ethical and compliant web data practices. Our peer network is built on trust, with every member personally opting in and the guarantee of zero personal data collection. We champion the collection of only publicly available data, backed by an industry-leading Know Your Customer process and a transparent Acceptable Use Policy. Our global, multilingual Compliance & Ethics team, the first of its kind, ensures we stay ahead of regulatory changes and best practices.

Unwavering commitment to security and privacy

Collaborations with security giants like VirusTotal, Avast, and AVG

Monitoring of 30+ billion domains, blocking unapproved content and ensuring domain health

Adherence to GDPR, CCPA, and SEC regulations, with a dedicated Privacy Center for user empowerment

Proactive abuse prevention through global partnerships and multiple reporting channels

A pro bono program using web data and data
expertise to drive change across the world

Partner Organizations
Academic Institutions
Nonprofit Organizations
Public Sector Bodies

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