Web Unlocker

Unlock and scrape the toughest websites

Access any public website at scale. Leave the unblocking to us
  • Simulate real user behavior to overcome anti-bot detection
  • Enjoy efficient and unlimited scalability
  • Experience hassle-free automated proxy management
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Leave the hard work to us

  • Browser fingerprinting
  • CAPTCHA solving
  • IP rotations and retries
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Pay only for success
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 99.9% success rates
  • 24/7 live support

A 3-in-1 website unlocking and scraping solution

AI-powered website unlocking

Access public web pages effortlessly with our advanced Web Unlocker platform. Our cutting-edge technology actively monitors and solves website blocking techniques in real-time, employing automated features like browser fingerprinting, CAPTCHA solving, IP rotations, request retries and more for seamless access across any site.

Automated proxy management

No more burning through IPs or configuring complex proxy waterfalls to access the crucial web data that you need. Web Unlocker automatically picks the best proxy network for your request, fully manages the infrastructure for you and is success-focused

Built-in browser for JavaScript rendering

Certain websites using JS require the launch of a browser in order to fully display certain data elements on the page. Web Unlocker detects these sites and automatically launches a built-in browser behind the scenes, ensuring seamless scraping with complete and accurate data results.

Relentlessly tried and tested

Experience the first and most advanced website unlocking solution out there: A result of over four years of R&D led by our team of 80+ dedicated engineers — serving over 5.5 trillion data requests annually… equal to almost twice the amount of search engine queries performed within the same year.

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How it works

Step 1:

Make a simple request

Send the request to Web Unlocker with the targeted URL

Step 2:

Request passes to Web Unlocker

Web Unlocker uses advanced AI algorithms to unlock the website

Step 3:

Receive your data

Receive your data from the targeted URL in HTML or JSON

Unlock the largest database in the history of mankind — the internet

Never get blocked again

Web Unlocker automatically develops new methods to overcome anti-bot technologies — allowing you to access the public web data you need, without investing heavily in infrastructure or research and development.

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The importance of unlocking

In today’s digital landscape, website owners frequently deploy anti-bot technologies to obstruct large-scale data collection or scraping, blocking fair competition in the market. The concept of “unlocking” revolves around employing methods to overcome these barriers, ensuring unobstructed access to public web data.

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Access to public data

By enabling businesses to effortlessly reach, access, scrape and utilize this data for research and analysis, we empower them to make informed decisions and drive innovation.

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What Web Unlocker does to solve these challenges?

Browser Fingerprinting

Emulates real users' browsers to simulate a human experience


Analyzes and solves CAPTCHAs and challenge-response tests

Manages Specific User Agents

Automatically mimics different types of browsers and devices

Sets Referral Headers

Simulates traffic originating from popular or trusted websites

Handles Cookies

Prevents potential blocks imposed by cookie-related factors

Automatic Retries and IP Rotation

Continually retries requests, and rotates IPs, in the background

Worldwide Geo-Coverage

Accesses localized content from any country, city, state or ASN

JavaScript Rendering

Extracts data from websites that rely on dynamic elements

Data Integrity Validations

Ensures the accuracy, consistency and reliability of data

Break free from restrictions. Scrape and unlock
the web effortlessly

Why developers love Web Unlocker

Easy to integrate! Simply swap the endpoint into your existing code just like any of our proxy networks

Automated proxy traffic management. No more burnt IPs or setting complex proxy network waterfalls

AI-based unlocking logic. CAPTCHA solving, fingerprinting, retries, best headers, location and more!

Built-in browser for JavaScript rendering. No need to hassle with browser maintenance, saving valuable time.

The immediate advantages of Web Unlocker

  • Stay undetected. No more being blocked by public websites
  • Only pay for successful requests that retrieve your data
  • Gather web data in real-time with unlimited concurrent requests
  • Fully scalable. Scale as you need, when you need it
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Flexible pricing, starting from $1.89/CPM

Web Unlocker
7 Day Free Trial
  • Pay as you go and custom plans available
  • 24/7 billing live support
  • Save 37% with long-term pricing plans

The best customer experience in the industry

You ask, we develop

New feature releases every day

24/7 global support

To answer any questions right when you need it

Full transparency

Real-time network performance dashboard

Dedicated Account Managers

To optimize your performance

Tailored solutions

To meet your data collection goals

A Web Unlocker use case

An international electronics retailer needs to collect product pricing data from its competitor’s websites

Problem 1

Target sites detected their scraper

Things were going well until their competitors started using advanced bot detection software, detecting their web scraper. The competitor fed them misleading information, and as a result, products were priced at a competitive disadvantage.

Problem 2

Proxies alone were not enough

Simply masking their IP address wasn’t enough and finding the right browser configurations to bypass their competitor’s sites would cost them too much time and money.


Bright Data's Web Unlocker

Web Unlocker handled all the work for them. After a quick installation, they told the Unlocker which URLs they wanted to see and their scrapers were able to collect the accurate pricing data. They fixed all the false data they collected, corrected their prices for certain products, and became more competitive than ever — saving their development team a massive amount of time while expanding their data collection operations.


Web Unlocker is best for use cases that involve web scraping. Instead of manually dealing with CAPCHAs, blocks, and other restrictions, Web Unlocker does the unlocking for you, and does so at an extremely high success rate (typically 100%). All you need to do is send one request, and the Unlocker takes care of the rest including adapting to constantly changing site blocks.

Web Unlocker uses Bright Data’s proxy infrastructure and has three major components that other premium proxies lack:

1. Request management: Web Unlocker uses retry logic and CAPTCHA-resolving to ensure a near 100% success rate.

2. Complete user emulation including:

  • Network-level – IP type, IP rotation, TLS handshake
  • Protocol-level – HTTP headers manipulation, User-agents generation, and HTTP2 support
  • Browser-level – Cookie management and browser fingerprint emulation (for example, fonts, audio, canvas/WebGL fingerprints, etc
  • OS-level – Emulating device enumeration, screen resolution, memory, CPU, etc

3. Content verification: The data you collect is automatically validated using parameters such as request timing, data types, and response content to ensure you are collecting the highest quality information available.

No, Web Unlocker is not made for use on browsers or third party tools like Adspower, Puppeteer, Playwright, or Multilogin (MLA). If you need a solution that interacts with a browser, which also incorporates Bright Data’s unblocking tool Web Unlocker, check out our Scraping Browser solution.

Yes! Simply select the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ plan at signup. Please note that the CPM is higher in the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ plan, and you can switch plans at any stage.

Save time and resources with the world's most advanced website unlocking solution