Nasdaq scraper

Scrape Nasdaq and get publicly available stock exchange data. Collect data such as: share volume, market cap, earnings per share, current yield, open price, open date, close price, close date, and more.

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Use Bright Data’s Web Scraper IDE,
to get all the Nasdaq data you need

  • Collect stock market data to analyze trends
  • Find new investment opportunities
  • Collect stock exchange data in real-time
  • Scrape Nasdaq for stock price predictions

Nasdaq scraper Overview

  • Data scraping with no infrastructure needed
  • Integrates with our industry-leading proxy networks
  • Exclusive site unlocking technology
  • Adapts with time: when Nasdaq changes its site structure Bright Data updates the code
  • Scale quickly – gather as much data as you need quickly and reliably
  • Bright Data is fully compliant with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including GDPR and CCPA.
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How you can utilize the public data you scrape on Nasdaq

  • Analyze trends in the stock market and identify potential investment opportunities.
  • Gather information for market research on specific industries or companies.
  • Create custom targeted advertising campaigns based on the interests of Nasdaq users.
  • Build a database of potential customers or partners by collecting data about the Nasdaq experts.


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How to develop a web scraper


Choose from ready-made code templates or start from scratch


Develop and customize your scraper using Bright Data’s ready-made scraping functions
Develop and customize your scraper


Choose when to get the data: In real-time or batches
Choose when to get the data


Choose the file format and where to send the data
Choose format and where to send the data

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