Yandex Autocomplete API

  • Extract Yandex suggestions for any keyword as a real user
  • Get top suggestions for any keyword from Yandex search 
  • Filter suggestions for keywords using location-specific parameters like country, language, & device
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99.99% network uptime
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Billions of average monthly requests
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99.99% success rates

Why Companies Scrape
Yandex Autocomplete

  • Improve SEO and marketing content
  • Understand consumer sentiment
  • Predict market and sales trends, discover industry changes, and find opportunities with real-time autocomplete ranking data
  • Conduct better market research


Why customers prefer Bright Data
for Yandex Autocomplete API

Unparalleled Quality of Service
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Enterprise-grade scaling
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Best network uptime
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Non-stop Innovation

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Most Reliable

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Collecting Yandex Autocomplete results has never been easier.

You can receive the data as often as you need. Simply choose a frequency that fits your project.


You can use the collected data to improve your SEO strategy by discovering search queries related to the main focus keywords of your pages. In addition, you can identify new trends and hot topics that are related to your business or industry.


Yes, Yandex Autocomplete API utilizes our award-winning proxy services that allow you to choose the location from which the requests are sent.


You can scrape public search results with the Yandex Search Scraper API!