eBay dataset

Review trending products, new categories, pricing, and sellers from any of the regional domains from one of the top online auctions sites in the world.

  • Available as a custom dataset request
  • Accurate eBay data at your fingertips
  • Tap into all data points available on eBay
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ebay dataset
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eBay dataset

We will build an eBay dataset based on your needs. Data points may include P/N, product name, brands, description, price, list price, discount, product ratings and reviews, shipping details, seller details, categories, and more. Receive full coverage or a subset.

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Freshly Scraped Datasets

Subscribe to a data feed for new or updated records

Comprehensive Data Validation

Benefit from strict data validation for accuracy and reliability

Managed Data Collection

Enjoy data collection management with zero effort

Seamless API Integration

Streamline operations with easy data access via API

eBay datasets tailored to your needs

Get easy to use, well-structured datasets for any use case

Scalable data

Scale without worrying about infra, proxy servers, or blocks.

Code maintenance

Datasets are maintained based on website structure changes.

Cost savings

Customize any dataset using filters and formatting options.

Data subscription

Get new or updated records delivered in a fresh data feed.

Flexible delivery

API, Webhook, Google Cloud, S3 bucket, SFTP, Azure, Snowflake.

File output formats

Dataset formats are JSON, ndJSON, CSV, or Excel.

24/7 support

A dedicated team of data professionals is here to help.

Simplified integrations

Benefit from integrations with Snowflake and AWS.

Leaders in compliance

Data is ethically obtained and compliant with all privacy laws.

Get structured and reliable eBay data

We’ll provide the data while you focus on the rest

High-volume web data

With our unblocking capabilities and round-the-clock IP rotation we ensure access to all data points on a website.

Data for immediate use

Every aspect of the data collection process is thoroughly validated as part of our robust data validation process.

Automated data flow

Create custom schedules to automate data delivery and watch the data flow seamlessly into your storage.

How companies use eBay datasets

Pricing optimization

Define a pricing strategy and create dynamic pricing models by matching similar eBay products and categories among competitors.
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Pricing optimization

Identify gaps

Identify eBay product inventory gaps, increased demand for certain products, and products that are trending with consumers.
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Identify inventory gaps

Competitor analysis

Analyze eBay ratings and consumer feedback on shipping time, shipping charges, product match, and quality of communication sellers have with their customers.
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Monitor ebay sellers

Flexible pricing, starting from $0.001/record

  • Pay only for what you need
  • Free samples available
  • Cut costs by filtering unnecessary data

Get your eBay dataset today.