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AdsPower Proxy Integration with Bright Data

AdsPower provides an isolation fingerprint browser for each social or e-commerce account making it easy to operate a large number of accounts on the same computer at the same time.

A browser automation tool, it can operate multiple social media accounts in batches at the same time as if coming from multiple physical devices.

Setting up AdsPower

  • Download and install AdsPower
  • Launch AdsPower and select Upload Accs from the Account Management menu
  • Fill in Bright Data proxy information
    • Proxy Type: luminati
    • Proxy Host:
    • Proxy Port: 22225
    • Proxy User: Your Zone user name
    • Proxy Password: Your Zone password

Bright Data and AdsPower integration

  • Go to your Bright Data Dashboard and click Add Zone
  • Select a network type and press Add Zone
  • Back in your Bright Data dashboard, click a Zone name
  • Paste Bright Data's proxy IP information and account information into Excel
  • Upload Excel to AdsPower system

How to automatically match Bright Data's dynamic residential IP in AdsPower

  • Click the “Free Upgrade” button in the lower right corner of the AdsPower software to upgrade to the Team version of AdsPower (from $ 25 / month)
  • Enter the menu, Enterprise → Settings
  • Fill in the username and password of Bright Data Dynamic Residential IP
  • When importing the account, select “Lumauto”
  • Fill in the IP country / state / city information you want to get from Bright Data, or the IP address that the account has logged in and used
  • After the configuration is complete, click the OK button
  • In the account management interface, click the Open Browser button, AdsPower will proxy you to the IP of the region you expect