How to Fix ReadTimeout Error in requests?

The ReadTimeout error in Python’s requests library occurs when the server to which a request has been made does not send a response within the expected timeframe. This can happen for various reasons, including server overload, network latency, or slow server processing times. Here’s how to handle and potentially resolve this error.

Step 1: Increase Timeout Value

The first and simplest method to try is increasing the timeout value in your request. This gives the server more time to respond. For instance:

import requests


response = requests.get('', timeout=10) # Increase timeout from the default (~2 seconds) to 10 seconds


except requests.exceptions.ReadTimeout:

print("The server did not respond within the time limit.")

Step 2: Retry Mechanism

Implementing a retry mechanism can help overcome temporary network issues or server overloads. You can use a loop to attempt the request multiple times:

import requests

from time import sleep

max_retries = 5

retry_count = 0

while retry_count < max_retries:


response = requests.get('', timeout=5)


break # Exit loop if request is successful

except requests.exceptions.ReadTimeout:

print(f"Timeout occurred, retrying... ({retry_count+1})")

sleep(2) # Wait for 2 seconds before retrying

retry_count += 1

Step 3: Use a Web Scraping Tool (Optional)

For more robust web scraping projects, consider using a web scraping tool or service. These tools often come with advanced features like automatic retry mechanisms, proxy rotation, and more so you won’t have to deal with requests errors at all.

In addition to using an automated web scraping tool, you can simply purchase the final result – a ready-to-use dataset of your choice, custom tailored to your criteria and requirements.

Bright Data’s Solution

Bright Data offers advanced web scraping tools designed to handle various web scraping challenges. With its built-in proxy management and automatic retry features, it ensures that your data collection process is as efficient and error-free as possible. Moreover, the Web Unlocker solution can dynamically solve CAPTCHAs and manage retries, further reducing to zero the chances of encountering timeout errors during your scraping projects.

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