How we make web data accessible to everyone

We create technologies that preserve a transparent internet, where anyone can easily access and collect public web data. We believe that making public web data easily accessible and collectable is essential to keeping markets openly competitive, benefiting all of us. To achieve our vision, we pioneered an effective, compliant, and industry-leading approach to collecting public web data.

Here's how we do it:

Steps of data delivering
Steps of data delivering

Data Defining

Input any data points or domains into our platform, and we’ll match the right automated data retrieval solution to get your data in minutes.

For many industries, our platform already includes expansive datasets from popular platforms, available for immediate download. If you need data from a platform that we have not already targeted, you can use our Web Scraper IDE to collect any data in minutes. If you prefer to handle the collection with your own crawlers, feel free to benefit from our 4 proxy networks, the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

Data defining
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Data Collecting

We created the industry’s most diversified and reliable web data collection infrastructure, constructed of several different network outlets and sources, and a model of community resource-sharing of millions of IPs around the world through diverse products and apps. Together, these form a single “virtual ISP” network:

Servers & web infrastructure
Data Centers across 100+ countries with close to 1M static data retrieval exit points

Community resource-sharing network
Also known as our “Residential network,” millions of peers share their device resources to enable businesses to conduct data collection anonymously, while enjoying Bright Data’s mobile, desktop and IOT products on millions of devices, worldwide

Millions of diverse global desktop and mobile peers via third party products operated by our partners

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Data Structuring

Because websites are built in HTML, public web data is easy to read for humans. But web data is unstructured and thus not usable or analyzable in another computer’s database. We run a sophisticated algorithmic process based on industry-specific know-how to seamlessly clean, match, synthesize, process, and structure the utructured data before delivery.

Data structuring
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Data Delivering

We deliver data, ready-to-use and in your requested method, time and format with unrivaled quality and uptime.

Data delivering

Tap into the power of public web data

public data at your access

Most companies now recognize the importance of web data to their business. Accessing, collecting and analyzing public web data in all its forms has become an essential methodology for doing research, delivering relevant products/services, optimizing and making informed decisions. Those who utilize it win markets. Those who don’t, stay behind.

Collecting public web data & preparing it for analysis in-house is not easy. It requires building and maintaining a complex network infrastructure, writing millions of lines of code, overcoming collection challenges, structuring unstructured data and making sure all of it is done in a secure and compliant way.

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Bright Data is the world’s #1 web data platform and includes a suite of efficient, reliable, flexible and compliant solutions that allow you to focus on what matters most – the data itself.
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