Alexandre Carvalho

Pricing Analyst at 1001pneus

1001pneus  is a French online retailer specializing in the tire business, we sell over 40,000 products all over Europe. And our main mission is to advise our clients, guide them through their purchasing process and make sure that we deliver the best products quickly and at the best price.

Our market is very competitive. There are many players in France. And this is why we need to have a constant overview of our competitors to make sure that we are in line with our markets.

Without Bright Data, we couldn’t adopt a dynamic pricing strategy, which is at the heart of companies’ concerns because pricing and profitability are very important for us. 

We’ve been reviewing some market solutions, and Bright Data seems to be the perfect partner according to its adaptability and efficiency in collecting large volumes of data. And for us, it was very important to get day-to-day data in a short time and with the best quality data. 

For us. It’s a real game-changer. We hope that that’s the beginning of a great partnership between our companies.

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