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Director of Sales, China

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How long have you been at the company?

Three and a half years – I started in January 2019.

What did you study?

I have a bachelor’s degree in East Asia Studies and Linguistics from Tel Aviv University. I also have a Master’s degree in Diplomacy. It was during my East Asia Studies that I learned Chinese and fell in love with the language.

At the end of my BA, I got a scholarship to study in Asia where I stayed for a year – it was the best way to really learn the language and immerse myself in it. This was when I realized that whatever I will do in the future, it will definitely involve the Chinese language.

What was your career path before coming to Bright Data?

When I came back from the Far East, I looked for a job that would involve the Chinese language. I found a job in the Diamond Center in Ramat Gan. There were a lot of tourists from China and Russia – and I was in charge of showing/selling the diamonds. But I quickly learned that it wasn’t enough for me – I wanted to be challenged.

After I returned from my first maternity leave, I decided that I wanted to get involved in tech (sales specifically) and use my Chinese. That was when an opportunity came along at Bright Data, and I jumped on it.

Tell us about your time at Bright Data

I started in business development for the China team. When I began, there were only 6 Chinese speakers at the company (today we are 24!). When I returned from my second maternity leave, I was promoted to lead the sales team (after 2 years as a business development manager). Today I have 9 people on my team. 

What do you look for in a sales manager?

I look for someone who really wants to work and won’t be lazy. Someone who really believes in themselves and is capable of reaching the targets we set for them. Someone who likes the Chinese culture and people. And maybe someone who has experience selling to the Chinese market, but it’s not a must.

The main thing is the belief in themselves and eagerness to succeed – everything else, we can teach them.

Advice for someone wanting to get into sales?

To know and to believe that there are no limitations – as long as you believe that you will sell and succeed, and establish great relationships with your customers, the sky really is the limit. 

What’s your management style?

It’s important for me to check in with my team regularly about how they feel, what they think, their wants and needs, etc. I try to make sure that my team has the best environment and tools so they can shine. I also like to mentor them and motivate them as much as I can.

To be a successful salesman, you have to believe that you will succeed and that you will sell – more than anything else – so if you’re coming to work in a bad mood, or something is going on at home, it will obviously impact your results. Therefore I always try to understand what’s going on there and if there’s anything I can help them with.

I also love to grow and learn myself so I can provide the best tools to my employees – I am always doing courses on management and sales to learn as much as I can about leading my team to success and bringing the best results.

What's kept you at Bright Data for 3.5 years?

First of all, I like the company very much. It’s my first experience at a tech company. Secondly, I was given the opportunity to be promoted and lead a team – I’m not sure I have reached the goals I’ve set for my team yet – so I am looking forward to hitting them. This is what keeps me motivated every day.