Proxy Networks: The Retailing Game Changer of 2020

What you need to know to keep your competitive advantage online
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retail game changer of using proxy networks for data collection

As a retailer, you’re striving to gain a competitive pricing strategy knowing that your customers are constantly making real-time price comparisons as part of their buying decisions. Total eCommerce sales will hit a whopping 3.9 Trillion in 2020 and the industry is only growing. To get a piece of the pie and dominate this online environment you should be using a proxy network

Timely, accurate data is at the heart of beating the competition and that is why the world’s largest eCommerce conglomerates use a proxy network to battle the ever-changing online landscape. By being able to emulate real consumers in multiple locations and conduct accurate market research prior to entering new territories, you can overcome this conundrum and truly dominate the industry.

Brand Protection

Ensuring the correct use and distribution of copyrighted materials can be difficult to monitor. Malicious players are able to determine who is accessing their sites and change the displayed information accordingly. Using a proxy network allows you to emulate a real user allowing you to go undercover and see the exact information being displayed. In doing so, you can overcome hidden copyrighted materials, protect your brand from the undocumented use of company assets, catch infringements and persecute those taking part in fraudulent acts.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”
                                                                 – Jeff Bezos – CEO and founder of Amazon

Market Research

Purchasing, selling or being the middle man in an online landscape means taking into account markets across the globe. Although once a daunting task to overcome, with a peer-to-peer proxy network all markets become borderless again. Now you can enter any domain and collect the data seen by actual customers. To understand the needs of a new target demographic, the market dynamics and competitor environment, accurate real-time data is key and that is dependent on IPs from your geolocation of interest.

“While the massive amount of data collected from selling online on numerous platforms can certainly create a challenge, moving forward, it is one that online merchants will need to handle effectively. Learning to translate that data into actionable information for driving future customer engagement could prove to be a significant asset.” – Brett Relander,Founder of Launch & Hustle

Working with timely, accurate market research is the first step in guaranteeing the effective handling of industry insights and this is more simple than it seems. With the right crawling software, markets can be easier to penetrate, analyze and ultimately entered in a fashion that guarantees success.

Price Comparison

Guaranteeing your prices are more aggressive than the competition is vital in the eCommerce industry. When accessing competitors’ sites they are able to determine who you are from your IP address and will display misleading information in the form of higher pricing or hiding available inventory. To gather accurate data real customer IPs are required, in tandem with the right unlocking software. These two attributes take into account the industry’s most sophisticated blocking techniques, overcome them and result in the extraction of timely, precise data.

“The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.” – Katharine Paine – Founder and CEO of KDPaine & Partners LLC

Assisting many global E-commerce platforms, customers accessing the largest and most advanced proxy network in the world, have a means of overcoming captcha, can avoid getting blocked and can guarantee they are not being misled. This is due to the variety and strength of IPs available. In tandem with the right management tools, like the Proxy Manager, eCommerce giants are able to increase scraping operations and offer the most competitive industry pricing.

So how do you begin ensuring your online assets and associated pricing beat the competition?

By utilizing a residential proxy network that consists of real-user IPs you can overcome these IP based blockades and collect the accurate pricing data you require to stay competitive in any market across the globe. Your requests for access to a domain will appear as a regular customer, a user your competition has no interest in deterring or misleading, meaning you will be able to view the most accurate pricing on the web.

Retail brands of all sizes are already utilizing these technological advancements to overcome the hurdles they face in an industry that encapsulates the borderless markets we work in.

The majority of discussions on the agenda for the upcoming NRF 2020 vision trade show are evidence of this new data age with, “Driving better experiences with real-time, location-level data insights,” or “Redefining the customer experience through immersive technology,” and this is for good reason. As leaders in the IP Proxy Network industry with the mission of creating a more transparent web, Bright Data will be in attendance at the NRF 2020 conference to shed light on the importance of collecting accurate, timely data.

The amount of information currently available on target demographics, competitors, markets and more is baffling and only expanding. As the new decade arrives these relatively new means of competitive strategies are only increasing in popularity and with that, the need to overcome these technological hurdles. Proxies within the retail industry guarantee unbiased data and with that, the means to truly dominate in your respective field.

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