Bright Insights Pricing

The price is determined by the number of product categories, eCommerce websites and the selected product modules. Minimum fees are $1,500/month.

Starting from

$400 /Month


Bright Insights is a suite of analytics-based products that collects fresh web data from multiple eCommerce platforms and derives insights on various aspects of your activity. Whether you are a brand selling via an eCommerce platform or a retailer with a platform, Bright Insights can provide management-level, call-to-action insights on:

Sales and market share performance vs. competitors
Digital shelf analysis for assortment optimization and benchmarking with competition, including allocated product categories & search results ranking
Price comparison between different eCommerce platforms using effective product matching mechanisms
Optimize your operation by tracking all your SKU and automatically identifying inventory issues (out of stock), low effectiveness of promotions and campaigns, drop in sales or margins, and more.

Bright Insight analyzes and outlines the reasons behind the changes you see in your market. It allows you to understand why sales have dropped, market share shrank or a certain product didn’t meet its sales goal, by analyzing changes in product, price, placement and promotions.

With Bright Insights you can view your overall performance, detect issues and drill down to product category, competitor and SKU level to find root causes and get actionable insights on how to get your business booming.

Brands, eCommerce sellers and manufacturers are using Bright Insights to monitor and improve their sales and profit margins in their target product categories. Whether you are C-level, Sales Manager, Category Manager, Marketing Leader, Product Manager or Data Analyst, Bright Insight supports your KPIs and use cases, providing you with accurate data and actionable insights.

For Retailers and eCommerce platforms, Bright Insights shows you recent trends, demand change for certain products or product attributes that allow you to optimize your assortment. It will also help you find brands and sellers that create substantial value and should be added to your marketplace.

Bright Data monitors millions of products on various eCommerce platforms and collects all the available public data on each product, including ranking, search results, promotions, reviews, ratings, etc., and uses a strong machine learning algorithm to calculate the actual sales volume (units and price) for each product in its categories. After validation, the sales information is aggregated across entire product categories to calculate market share per brand, seller, or product.

Bright Insight supports many retail sites and marketplaces, including Amazon (US and regional websites), Target, Walmart, Overstock, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Wayfair. We add additional websites regularly, so contact us to get the most updated coverage.

Yes, for Amazon our insights are generated for all shopping categories. On other websites, we cover a range of categories and we can add additional ones on demand.

Yes, historical data can be provided assuming this market was covered by Bright Insight for the same period. If not, historical insights can be generated on demand.

Yes, our sales and market share data cover the overall sales activities deriving from all types of devices and shoppers.

Our insights are derived from public data we collect from various retail sites and search engines.
Being part of Bright Data we have access to the widest and most accurate web data. This advantage allows us to provide highly accurate, fresh data at competitive prices.

For each eCommerce platform, we identify publicly available “signals” that have a correlation to sales volume, which are collected from product pages, search pages, and category pages. KPIs include inventory level, bestseller ranking, number of reviews added, search results ranking, and other indicators. We feed our Machine Learning and AI modules with these KPIs as input to the sales prediction algorithms. The output is sales volume by product, category, and brand. We keep a dedicated sales model for each site to ensure maximum accuracy.

Our e-commerce insights are exclusively generated using Bright Insight’s Machine
Learning and AI modules, which were built over the past six years, processing billions of e-commerce data points. The data is collected and generated on a daily and hourly basis.

The different data sources are constantly monitored for data validity and accuracy against the ground truth data our customers share with us. We use several statistical methodologies to compare sources and evaluate sample sizes.

Bright Insight provides near real-time, product-level, e-commerce analytics. Our platform derives on-demand insights from analyzing billions of retail product pages, search pages and category pages from various sites. We built our platform from the ground up taking into account the working procedures of the merchandising teams and analytics teams, assuring easy-to-digest and actionable insights that fit right into their work methodology.

Our machine learning and AI algorithms were specially designed to handle the complex data world of online shopping. Our “single source of truth” taxonomy allows us to map any product from any site to its category, type, and features. Our accuracy together with access to the largest datasets in the world, puts Bright Insight in the unique position that allows all types of customers to draw real-time, trusted and granular insight.

No, we do not collect or have access to any personal data. All our insights are generated using publicly available data and have no correlation to specific users or shoppers.