Alternative data for the financial sector

Power your financial analysis with accurate, scalable, and compliant datasets from the world's #1 web data provider.

Access accurate, structured data

Get curated, cleaned, and processed datasets that meet the highest quality standards for better analysis.

Get full data coverage

Discover and access full website coverage for the volume of data needed to make informed business decisions.

Scale up your data collection

Easily get data from any geolocation at any scale, powered by our proxy-unblocking infrastructure.

Ensured 100% compliance

Eliminate risk and ensure GDPR & CCPA compliance with our datasets, containing only publicly available data.

Trusted by leading global
financial institutions

We serve top financial, insurance and consulting firms, VCs, hedge funds, including 2 of the four major banks in the US.

A variety of data sources
at your fingertips

Easily access structured public web data for any use case, subscribe to receive up-to-date records on a schedule, and filter existing datasets for a cost-effective and time-saving solution. Dataset categories include:

  • eCommerce datasets
  • Business datasets
  • Social media datasets
  • Real-estate datasets
  • And more!

Industry leading compliance
and regulations

Our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights and more.

Bright Data served over 5.5 trillion data requests in a single year. Almost twice the number of search engine queries.

Popular Use Cases

Trading and Investment Analysis

  • Determine investment viability with market data
  • Track real-time consumer behavior using social media data
  • Discover market trends, niches, and investment opportunities

Risk Assessment and Management

  • Monitor regulatory changes to ensure compliance
  • Assess market risk using demographic and economic data
  • Predict financial market movements using social media, blogs, and forums

Fraud Detection and Prevention

  • Identify fraudulent activity using transactional and behavioral data
  • Analyze social media data to detect fraudulent identities and behaviors
  • Monitor web data for suspicious activity and potential security threats

Business Insights and Personalization

  • Customize business recommendations based on company data
  • Enhance customer experience with customer reviews data
  • Monitor customer sentiment and identify potential churn risks

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Why 15,000+ Customers Choose Bright Data

100% Compliant

In compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, we ensure that all data collected and provided to our customers is ethically obtained.

24/7 Global Support

We have a dedicated team of customer support professionals available 24/7 to help our customers whenever needed.

Complete Data Coverage

Our customers can access over 72 million IP addresses worldwide, allowing them to collect data from any site or platform.

Unmatched Data Quality

Using our advanced technology and quality assurance processes, we ensure our customers receive accurate, high-quality data.

Powerful Infrastructure

We have built a robust proxy-unblocking infrastructure that allows customers to collect large-scale data without getting blocked.

Custom Solutions

Our experts work closely with customers to provide tailored solutions for their unique business needs and objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Residential Network consists of 72 million+ real household IPs in every country and city across the world, which allow you to see and be seen as any real user would regardless of your geo-location.

Gain the ability to access and crawl sophisticated target websites that your business would not otherwise have access to because of location-based blockades. You’ll be able to crawl, view information and collect data using real user IPs–see how your ads appear to consumers around the world, or what prices are being displayed to customers in another location. Send an increased number of concurrent requests meaning your data collection efforts will almost never be slowed down by proxies or target sites.

Learn more about how residential proxies are used from our use case pages for AdTech, Website Testing, Travel, SEO, and more.

Bright Data has built a unique consumer IP model by which all involved parties are fairly compensated for their voluntary participation. App owners install a unique Software Development Kit (SDK) to their applications and receive monthly remuneration based on the number of users who opt-in. App users can voluntarily opt-in and are compensated through an ad-free user experience or enjoy an upgraded version of the app they are using for free. These consumers or ‘peers’ serve as the basis of our network and can opt-out at any time. This model has brought into existence an unrivaled, first of its kind, ethically sound, and compliant network of real consumers.

Take your data to the next level with complete and structured datasets