Fighting Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking

NGOs are using Bright Data to fight child abuse. One NGO customer is identifying child victims by collecting a wide variety of public online data from social media, as well as dating and escorting sites. It rapidly collects profile posts from any city on a mass scale, saves images of suspected exploited children, and then bundles all accumulated data on each victim for law enforcement. This NGO reports that officers identified approximately 15K child victims of human trafficking in the past few years, with an average of 10 kids per day located.

Diversity in Hiring

Another NGO is using Bright Data collection tools to connect underrepresented job seekers with employers committed to diversity and inclusion. By aggregating job posts and data on the diversity practices of companies, this NGO has created the largest diversity talent and employment database. Their database helps companies recruit and retain diverse job seekers, manage their diversity strategy and training, and build corporate partnerships that facilitate diversity.

Anti-Corruption and Missing Persons

Another NGO is using Bright Data to fight corruption in a Latin American country. This NGO uses Bright Data to assist families in collecting data on missing persons, in a country where tens of thousands of people are reported missing, but whose names have been erased from government records. A second way this NGO is fighting corruption with Bright Data is by enabling earches regarding a politician's publicly-available conflicts of interest and assets.

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