Our KYC (“Know Your Customer”) process is a mandatory step for all new customers who wish to join our residential proxy network or gain special access rights.

The purpose of this stage is to ensure that we maintain the highest possible compliance and ethics standards by verifying your business and use case.

If you were asked to complete the process that means you requested access to our residential network or require a special access right that is not allowed by default in our system.

If you have a specific use case in mind, you may want to try our immediate residential proxy access, which provides access to over 250 popular domains, without requiring the KYC onboarding process. (Link to more information about smart-resi)

For all other domains in our residential network, a KYC process is mandatory.

The KYC information is documented in our systems to allow us to review your use case if needed in the future. Although we want to make it a one-time process, we also monitor our network 24/7 and we may reach out to you for additional clarifications or information in order to make sure that our network remains safe.

Freelancers should submit the KYC information under their own name. All other applicants should submit the KYC information under their registered company name. Submitting the KYC information under the wrong type of application can lead to extra requests for information, mismatches, and declined applications.

The KYC process requires some basic information about your business, such as a description of your use case and general contact information.

The more information we have about your business and your use case the easier it will be for our Compliance & Ethics team to evaluate and approve your request.

We may require further clarification, validation, or identification, so if needed we will follow up accordingly once you complete the KYC.

Submitting a valid form of identification (license, passport, or other government issued ID) is a requirement for freelancers who would like access to the residential/mobile network. All of our IP addresses belong to 100% real peers, and part of our process of keeping everyone safe is to verify the identity of customers who would like to use the residential network.

A video call is a mandatory step for anyone submitting the KYC under their own name (not a company name) in order to verify their identity before allowing any special access rights. If your account is to be used as part of a company activity, we strongly recommend choosing the relevant KYC process option accordingly (set process option as “on behalf of a company”) as it may allow for a faster and smoother process. Please note that you might be required to go on a video call, regardless of the type of KYC submitted, if further verification is required.

A company registration form (also referred to as a “Certificate of incorporation”) is used by government offices as proof of registering new businesses. The form usually contains the company’s official information, including the company’s formal name, registered office address, company registration unique identifier, and more. The form is usually available to the company legal counsel, financial department, or similar and can be publicly shared as part of the company’s routine business activity as proof of registration according to local regulations.

A company submission (“As a company” KYC) will usually take up to 5 minutes while a freelancer submission (“As myself” KYC) will take up to 10 minutes.

Following the submission, freelancers are required to set up a quick video call to review their request and validate the information. You can set up the time according to your availability and one of our sales representatives will be happy to assist.

Once all the information is collected and updated, our sales team validates the information in the submission and the KYC is sent to our Compliance & Ethics team for review and approval.

You can see the status of your request at any time via your account control panel and we will update you in up to 48 hours from the time of completing the process regarding your KYC approval.

You can check out the status of your KYC process at any time in your control panel. A notification regarding the submission of your KYC and approval or decline of your request will be sent to your email once the process is completed.

You can use all our other products and services while your KYC request is being processed. If you need further assistance with one of our other products and services please contact our sales team at [email protected].

If your KYC was not approved you may still use one of our other products and services according to Bright Data’s license.