Tariq Al Hosani

CEO at Zero Gravity Solutions

Zero Gravity is an Abu Dhabi-based firm that offers IT and multimedia solutions to a diverse set of clientele across the UAE.

Over the years, Zero Gravity has broadened its service offerings to include broadcasting in the UAE and North Africa, managing customized events in the MENA region, cybersecurity, e-commerce, gifting and printing solutions, security and telecommunications as well as civil works.

Our online marketplace UAEmall.com is currently one of our primary focus areas. For e-commerce, we utilize web data to acquire market visibility, understand how competing items are priced, what kind of products are now popular and how they are advertised, to mention a few examples.

Aside from e-commerce, web data is an essential aspect of nearly any business’s growth in some form, and in this day and age, there’s data everywhere. You just need to drill down and identify what is important to your company.

For example, Zero Gravity has recently ventured into handling social media accounts for clients in the region, therefore my team is aiming to focus on using public web data for these purposes.

We found that when managing marketing for various social media accounts (clients), it’s critical to have a strong and dependable network on which to run our operations in order to maximize our capabilities, which Bright Data delivers.

Now, we’re gathering more information on how we can utilize public web data collection across our entire corporation, and we’re seeking to go forward with web data operations across all departments.

We chose Bright Data because it met all of our criteria, and we’ve experienced the quality solutions they provide via our collaboration. Our visit to the Bright Data headquarters was quite beneficial in understanding how data can be given smoothly to support our business goals and strengthen our relationship.

The proactiveness of the team as a whole, as well as the support we received from all of the teams we reached out to when we needed it, were critical factors in our decision.

We are now utilizing Bright Data’s platform on two fronts. The first is from a software development aspect, using the Bright Data network –  to test various scenarios with ISP and Residential networks. 

The second part is from a web data collection aspect in the e-commerce field. This is currently a work in progress, and we look forward to expanding our use of web data moving forward.

One thing is certain, we would like to partner with Bright Data on this journey.

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