David Barros

Data Scientist at Worten

Worten is an electronic retail company, which now has an e-commerce marketplace that sells a diverse range of products — from consumer electronics to entertainment to telecommunications and more.

Worten belongs to the SONAE group, which started as a construction company that throughout the years expanded into areas such as supermarkets, retail and electronics. Actually, in electronics they were so successful that in 1996 the company decided to create a store dedicated to electronics only, which is how Worten started. 

Since then, Worten has developed and grown into a very successful leading business with more than 200 stores in Portugal and Spain, central offices and distribution centers in both countries and 4,000+ employees integrated across multidisciplinary teams. Worten today is the largest industry leader in Portugal in the electronic retail space. 

Our customers range from those who still go to physical stores to those who shop online. We pride ourselves with excellent customer service and after sales service — that’s a huge competitive advantage that differentiates us from all the other players. 

We are currently in a transformation process, however. Three years ago, we just had physical stores and a website where you could buy from physical stores. Today, we are a true e-commerce marketplace, where you can buy any kind of product. We are betting big on this market because we believe that e-commerce is the future and we want to be at the cutting edge, which will consolidate our position as market leaders.

We are placing most of our efforts on categories that our customers want, extending our range into everything and anything. We no longer want to be seen as an electronics retailer but as an end-to-end digital marketplace — bringing quality sellers and quality products of all categories to satisfy our customers’ needs. 

Our dream is that they will have Worten as a reference not only when they want to buy a television, but also when they want to buy a bed, a mattress or even food for their dog!

Worten defines itself as a digital company with a human touch. Thus, web data is a key resource to ensure our success. With the growth of our marketplace and the birth of the third-party business model, this vision has gained even more strength and we want to be a truly data-driven company.

It is very important for us to know our customers well, to know our sellers and to help them to increase sales on our marketplace, while not forgetting to maintain our consolidated position as the leader in the electronics market. Web data is a key factor in these objectives, both to feed operational systems that streamline the company’s day-to-day work and to feed BI systems that enable informed strategic decisions.

It was because of this need, to ensure quality and a volume of web data, that we contacted Bright Data.

We went forward with Bright Data’s solution as soon as we found it met our expectations and was able to address all the use cases we needed to reach our market goals. 

Overall, we are genuinely pleased with the decision we made. The service has already added a lot of value to our business, it is easy to use, and is stable and robust. The ease of use also really helps when onboarding new employees to use the system. 

In addition, the support service and communication are very agile and attentive, which is a very important factor because we live in an increasingly digital world, but we cannot forget the human touch.

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Simon Høiberg
Product Manager at Container xChange
I don’t want to sit around fiddle in puppeteer or selenium and have to change my code every time some website changes a little thing in their HTML. The Bright Data team is constantly on top of this and update their collectors when something changes.
Nicholas Renotte
Data Science Specialist
Bright Data has their own proxy infrastructure which helps keep your web data flowing plus, their web unlocker helps beat any pesky CAPTCHAs that might be holding you back.
Danny Issroff
Product Lead at CRED Investments
Bright Data is an indispensable part of our data universe - with the breadth and freshness of the web data, the different relevant datasets available, and the reasonable price.

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