Tejpal Virdi

Founder and CEO at Sideman
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Sideman was founded a year ago. We are a micro-influencer marketing startup. We serve small to medium-sized businesses who are looking to utilize influencers in their marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, drive sales, etc. Our customers are mostly based in the US.

We want to understand a lot about influencer profiles and find a lot of influencers across the internet. To do that we need access to residential IPs and the ability to collect public online data at scale on a variety of channels. Bright Data supports that and has been supportive in guiding us along the way.

We’ve been working with Bright Data for 6 months. From the beginning, the support has been wonderful. We initially were using the Bright Data Collector, and it was customized to fit our needs. We were also connected directly with the engineering team because we needed to change some things. Then we were shown the Bright Data Web Unlocker which was very fascinating. Support has been there for us every step of the way. Out of every company I’ve worked with, it’s been the best experience.

The Bright Data Collector is an out-of-the-box solution. If we needed to collect online data from Instagram – all we needed to do was type in the name of an Instagram profile and we could collect all the public online data available about that profile. We thought that was great that we didn’t need to code and instead could use this tool that was pre-built to serve our needs. It seemed like it worked really well on other channels too. The ability to customize the templates is great. It was really amazing to see that this solution existed out there.

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Francisc Czobor
Product owner at Cars2click
We have an amazing partnership with Bright Data. I've worked with many companies before, but this is one of the best relationships I've had with a solution partner. Our account managers in the past two years have been great, and the engineering team is very professional.
David Patiño Montoya
Data Engineer at Shopee Colombia
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The partnership with Bright Data has helped us grow our data sources to create decision-making processes that are based on multiple sources of information — allowing us to gain strategic advantages and accelerate our growth in new markets.
Clint Ruch
Senior Vice President of Engineering at Key Holdings
The ability to work at scale has basically changed how we do things, and it has made dealing with larger clients a task that would have been impossible before.

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