Edward Nguyen

Senior Data Scientist at Shopee Vietnam
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At Shopee Vietnam, we invest heavily in trying to understand as well as anticipate market needs and future developments within the e-commerce space. We use Bright Data’s network to collect public web data in order to get ahead of these developments, help us learn more about Shopee’s existing markets, its consumer shopping trends, and so on and so forth. I find this information is crucial to our business, and it’s what we use to power Shopee’s leading e-commerce platform from start to finish. Our experience with Bright Data has been quite positive, I place a lot of trust in the solution and our dedicated account manager is always there when we need it most. To me, I see Bright Data as a partner, not a product.

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Andrei Yaromenko
SEO Tech Lead
We use Bright Data’s network to collect public web data to analyze search engine result pages (SERPs). We are pleased with the quality of the network, the high success rates and the service. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.
Poompatai Puntitpong
Software Engineer at Manatal
The Data Collector replaced our need to use multiple tools to perform and maintain data collection operations. Overall, it contributed to drastically reducing the complexity of the process while maintaining a high degree of performance.
Sarah Melville
Media Director at YouGov Sport
Without the ability to collect public web data from the internet, we are unable to know when a brand was present across all mediums and also its reach, there's no way that we could keep growing at the speed in which we are without Bright Data’s support.

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