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The LIEPP supported by the French Ombudsman uses Bright Data‘s technology in a research project designed to identify discriminatory practices on online platforms. The fact that Bright Data offers a large number of French IPs is critical in reducing the risk of getting blocked while performing randomized control trials on these platforms.

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Adrien Fonzé
COO at ExoClick & EXOGROUP
[sc name="comp_name"]'s breadth of software solutions, network size, and customer service allow us to offer the most professional ad-security testing with Adsecure, as well as being able to be the most reliable ad network with ExoClick.
Juan Galdeano
Juan Galdeano
CTO at Red Points
Red Points
The [sc name="comp_name"] Unblocker solution allowed Red Points to easily expand its offering to more customers and improve the quality of service to existing customers.
Keith Amirault
Manager at Cervello
The main way [sc name="comp_name"] assists us in achieving our goals is by freeing up our time and allowing us to focus on our core business - building intelligent, insightful platforms for our customers.
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