Andrei Yaromenko from Netpeak

Andrei Yaromenko

SEO Tech Lead

Netpeak Agency is a performance marketing agency based in Ukraine, and one of the largest SEO agencies in Europe. It is part of the Netpeak Group – a group of companies, with over 700 employees, focused on providing digital marketing services, MarTech SaaS, EduTech and B2C solutions.

Netpeak offers a  multifunctional SEO platform that conducts competitor and website analysis, track site ranking, backlinks and content quality. 

Netpeak’s mission is to become a leading marketing agency specializing in market performance analytics across Eastern Europe. Marketing performance companies provide SEO, PPC and other online advertising services to promote customer websites.

For the past 16 years, Netpeak has been optimizing websites with different strategies, such as SEO, to help our clients grow their businesses — not just to improve their overall search rankings.

Netpeak has completed more than 1,000 successful projects in the area of online business, such as optimizing: Corporate websites, marketplaces, classified websites, online stores, online services and other content projects.

Our clients include companies like Tripadvisor, Olx, Puma, Vodafone, Skoda and Domino’s Pizza — to name a few.

We have many SEO specialists that work to optimize clients’ projects. One of the important tasks they execute is competitor analysis. For this, we use search engine result pages analysis. 

We analyze long lists of keywords in order to analyze which competitors rank better and which competitors rank worse. So, our customers know and understand their ranking in the search engine written results provided by our organization. 

Public web data allows us to provide our customers this visibility in real-time — to see where they rank in search engines all over the world — as well as how their keywords can be improved in order to get better rankings and perform better in the market. 

The real-time competitive insights that public data brings helps our customers fully understand what users, or their targeted audience, see when searching through search engines for available offerings.

Through our analysis, our customers are able to monitor organic search results for reputation, brand management, as well as product development. Using this data, our customers can also be alerted in real-time about page ranks, losing traffic and where they stand alongside their competitors.

Furthermore, it provides insights into titles, keywords, descriptions, and links to create high-quality content that generates organic traffic from search engines, as well as expose competitive content gaps to compete for consumer attention in previously unrealized areas of interest.

All of this creates a perfect storm for top tier SEO strategies that can take a brand, or a product, to all new heights.

To perform our operations, we use Bright Data’s Data Center Network to collect public web data to analyze search engine result pages. 

Our specialists use their lists of keywords to collect web data from Search Engine Results Pages to know where the competitors and their own clients’ websites fall on this list of search engine rankings and results. 

We’ve been working with Bright Data for three months now and we are pleased with the quality of the network, the high success rates and the service. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.

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