Travis Stuckey

National Sales Manager E-commerce, Hunter Fan

Since John Hunter invented the ceiling fan in 1886, Hunter Fan has been delivering quality ceiling fans to the public via our nationwide network of retailers for over 135 years. Hunter’s retailers range from small mom-and-pop shops to the biggest retailers in the US, like Home Depot and Lowe’s. 

Today, online retailers like Wayfair offer over 2,000 ceiling fan models from multiple brands. In such a competitive market, a company that wants to stand out has to be able to draw business insights based on publicly available web data.

When looking for the right provider, we needed a partner that not only collects and delivers raw public web data but can actually analyze, structure and present that data in a way that Hunter is able to immediately draw actionable insights.

Hunter partnered with Bright Data for their Bright Insights solution, a resource that has become integral to managing our business with Wayfair. The data and insights have enabled us to adjust and improve our market penetration campaigns. Using Bright Insights we are able to analyze our competitors, gain insights into retail prices on Wayfair and help us to make data-informed decisions.

With Bright Insights we know that the data they provide Hunter with is accurate and is critical for us to achieve our business goals. Their team has been very engaged, and extremely helpful. What makes the Bright Insights team different is that they listen, understand what we’re asking for, and they provide the information. Bright Data has become a true partner.

More testimonials

Victor Bolu
CEO of Webautomation
As a market leader and with an award-winning infrastructure, the partnership with Bright Data allows us to extract public web data from millions of web pages a day without many challenges.
Shameel Abdulla
Co-founder and CEO of Clootrack
Bright Data’s infrastructure is as reliable as it gets. By relying on Bright Data for collecting and structuring public data for us, our customers get the best value for investing in our services.
Alejandro Lechuga
Co-founder and COO at DocFarma
Bright Data seems to be the perfect partner according to its adaptability and efficiency in collecting large volumes of data. And for us, it was very important to get day-to-day data in a short time and with the best quality data.