Vivek Amilkanthawar

CTO at HRog
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HRog is a B2B company, so our customers are mostly HR agencies, specializing in recruiting who are looking to reach companies that are actively hiring. 

To perform our operations, we gather all relevant public web data from company job sites and other job portals, then we provide weekly reports to our customers as to who exactly is in a hiring phase and who isn’t. 

Collecting public web data from over 100 job boards and websites is something that none of our competitors are able to do, and using the products developed by Bright Data, we are uniquely positioned to stay ahead.

Furthermore, our customers are interested to know which companies are investing in marketing, meaning they are highly motivated to hire and to do so immediately. 

We check what jobs are being posted as advertisements, which ones are being promoted to be on the top of the search results etc. and then feed that data back to our HR clients.

As aforementioned, we are unique in our domain, as we offer services no one else currently offers in the HR industry here in Japan – mainly due to the methodology we incorporate into our operations, allowing us the ability to gather valuable insights at scale using Bright Data’s Residential and Datacenter networks. 

These tools help us collect this publicly available data, which then helps our customers narrow down their search – out of the 100+ sites we look at, which is far more than our competitors – to those five to ten websites or job boards they’d like to target. 

The specific web data we look at that is required for our analysis includes: job title, location, company details, salary range, types of the job (full time/part time) and any other relevant publicly available data. 

Collecting web data from job listing sites gives us great insights. For example, how many engineering jobs are open in Tokyo, what the average salary is in a particular location compared to other locations, among many other examples. 

One of the biggest challenges is the constant changes of websites. It’s challenging to keep up when websites change their settings every couple of days. It forces us to adjust, and we are considering using Bright Data’s Web Scraper IDE to solve this problem.

Moving forward, our goal is to focus on the mobile-first approach for the websites we collect data from – for which we intend to use Bright Data’s mobile network to accomplish just that.

Our experience with Bright Data so far has been very good. The service is very helpful, responsive and quick, and we can communicate in omnichannel. Also, whenever we encountered any issues collecting the web data our customers rely on every week, Bright Data has always been there to support and resolve the issues very quickly.

Regarding our future with Bright Data, we plan to invest more in the relationship and move to increase our usage of the Web Scraper IDE to advance our operations even further.

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