Golan Manor

CTO at NinjaInfluence

NinjaInfluence is a 360° influencer marketing platform that connects our clients with influencers that can best represent their brands, suggests what types of campaigns they should run, automate billing/payment and tracks influencer performance over time. We also integrate with e-commerce platforms to better track traffic generated and success rates from the different campaigns.

Our customers vary from small brands that collaborate with influencers for SEO purposes, to larger e-commerce companies that also incorporate traditional paid advertising strategies.

Our platform has one of the largest databases of influencers, with over 120 million total influencers. We gather publicly available web data to discover new influencers, match our customers up with the right influencers in their category, track their campaigns once they are running – and then deliver insights to the brands running the campaigns. Without this ability and access to publicly available web data it would have to be done manually, which is quite impossible. 

When selecting a web data platform, we focused on three main factors: success rate, price, and customer service. We wanted to make sure we succeed in gathering all the public web data needed to keep our databases accurate and up to date.

We wanted to ensure we partner with a company that would help us best navigate the changes in the web data landscape. 

We partnered with Bright Data to leverage its public web data collection infrastructure to run our operations, incorporating products such as the Web Unlocker to increase our success rates. We found Bright Data to be extremely responsive, with a quick turnaround time between when issues arise and how fast we resolve them; all at a competitive price.

The partnership with Bright Data has been very good. We’ve been very happy, Bright Data has been very flexible with our needs and we are very satisfied with their service.

More testimonials

Victor Bolu
CEO of Webautomation
As a market leader and with an award-winning infrastructure, the partnership with Bright Data allows us to extract public web data from millions of web pages a day without many challenges.
Shameel Abdulla
Co-founder and CEO of Clootrack
Bright Data’s infrastructure is as reliable as it gets. By relying on Bright Data for collecting and structuring public data for us, our customers get the best value for investing in our services.
Alejandro Lechuga
Co-founder and COO at DocFarma
Bright Data seems to be the perfect partner according to its adaptability and efficiency in collecting large volumes of data. And for us, it was very important to get day-to-day data in a short time and with the best quality data.