Matteo Martino

COO, Fundree-co

Fundree is a UK-based media agency, dedicated to helping brands to make the most out of their digital advertising campaigns, from starting up to scaling up. Fundree works with e-commerce enterprises, agencies, startups, affiliate marketers, and freelancers, offering services such as whitelisting, ensuring content compliance, pre-approving content, and more.

Managing digital advertising on platforms like Google is tricky. Since our clients come from all over the world, we manage their campaigns from different locations and at different scales. For that reason, we have to rely on an extensive proxy infrastructure to make it easier to operate from anywhere. It also allows us to have complete control over who has access to the campaigns and we are able to whitelist IPs for the task.

We would not be able to offer our services without Bright Data’s proxy infrastructure. We were located on an island when we launched our operations and had to use a proxy service so we can access public domains that are necessary to run marketing campaigns that would otherwise be inaccessible. We’ve been using Bright Data’s service from day one. 

What we like most about Bright Data’s services is the simplicity, the speed, and above all, the reliability. We spend millions on ads every month, so any break in connection could be really costly. With Bright Data’s infrastructure, our operations run 24/7, and compared to every other solution on the market, they’re the only ones who can offer that.

We plan on expanding our partnership with Bright Data, adding additional value to our service. The idea is to collect publicly available web data to offer our customers more insight such as identifying product market/fit or research trends, analyzing the best-performing product, on what platform, and how to better market their product.

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