Edison Xhaqkaj

CTO at Cikisi
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Cikisi, founded in 2016 and operating in France and Benelux, develops solutions for data collection, processing, and visualization. The company offers its customers innovative solutions that meet their needs for monitoring and information retrieval for market/business intelligence. Its customers are based all over the world – Europe, Canada, and more.

We use Bright Data’s platform in order to collect as much public online data as possible so we can provide better results for our customers. We use the Bright Data Center IPs and the Bright Data Web Unlocker and we’ve been using these for around three years.

Our platform depends on Bright Data and our experience has been very good so far. We were especially happy when the Bright Data Web Unlocker arrived – this was a step up for us and allowed us to collect public online data easily. 

We plan to continue working with Bright Data – we don’t want to even look at another option in the near future.

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Francisc Czobor
Product owner at Cars2click
We have an amazing partnership with Bright Data. I've worked with many companies before, but this is one of the best relationships I've had with a solution partner. Our account managers in the past two years have been great, and the engineering team is very professional.
David Patiño Montoya
Data Engineer at Shopee Colombia
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The partnership with Bright Data has helped us grow our data sources to create decision-making processes that are based on multiple sources of information — allowing us to gain strategic advantages and accelerate our growth in new markets.
Clint Ruch
Senior Vice President of Engineering at Key Holdings
The ability to work at scale has basically changed how we do things, and it has made dealing with larger clients a task that would have been impossible before.

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