Alejandro Lechuga

Co-founder and COO at DocFarma

At DocFarma, we are trying to connect patients with doctors, and pharmacists. In the initial stages of our startup, we wanted to ensure a digitalized experience. That’s why we required access to products that could be sold online. Thanks to Bright Data, we were able to find these validated products much faster. 

While developing our business plan, we developed a three-month roadmap. However, considering our limited time, we needed to find a smarter solution. And this is how we came across Bright Data. The process was very smooth. After a few iterations, we decided that this was the output we needed. Without this technology, it would have taken us around three months and 50 employees to achieve the same result using the resources and tools we had. But with Bright Data, it only took us two weeks.

Our customers can find items that actually are not on other websites. In the future, we will be able to monitor our competitor’s pricing to make sure that we offer the most competitive prices. Additionally, we can keep an eye on emerging players that might be off our radar.

We would love to continue working with Bright Data because it has helped us establish the foundations of our product and service. Moreover, we can now utilize it for recurring tasks such as catalog curation, catalog selection, and competitive analysis. 

For a startup like ours, it’s a no-brainer as it provides numerous technological opportunities and allows us to build the necessary infrastructure for optimal utilization of publicly available data.

Bright Data provides us with quick access to publicly available data. As a startup, it’s easy for us to construct the required infrastructure to handle and process such vast amounts of data efficiently.

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