Sergii Klius from DataOx

Sergii Klius

Co-Founder at DataOx

DataOx is a service company that specializes in data collection and process automation, based in the Mykolaiv Region of Ukraine. Due to the war in Ukraine, we are currently working remotely from Poland. 

We have 7+ years of experience in the data collection sector and have completed hundreds of projects over the course of our company’s existence.

Our company works on large-scale data collection projects, helping our customers collect public web data at scale from end-to-end. 

So, we gather the data through different web pages, structure it, transform it and then get some valuable insights from the data, based on analytics or some predictive analytics. 

Our customers vary from different industries, with different data collection requirements. As one example, I’ll explain HR Tech.

These are entrepreneurs that want to launch their own product or start some sort of startup. They come to us to implement the data collection process. One of the projects that I can illustrate is a customer who needs to gather public information about attorneys across the United States and Europe. 

We gather their profiles, their workplace, their biographies, information about their education, about the practice areas and their specialties. 

We then structure the data to make sure it’s in the same format (because different sources have different structures) and we provide it in a unified and nice way — in this case we created a searchable platform. 

Basically, we have a database with millions of profiles. And this database is used within the product for the recruiters, so they can access it and filter the data to find the appropriate candidate. 

This database can also be used for job seekers. So, from one side, we have attorneys’ profiles and from the other side, we have job posts from companies, and recruiters can easily match and decide which attorney fits which position.

We also do e-commerce projects, such as price comparison and monitoring, inventory management, product discovery, consumer sentiment, etc. — implementing solutions to aggregate these different options — and we also apply these strategies to the travel and leisure sector as well, working off flights, ticket costs, departure and arrival dates, destination information and so on.

For any organization that is looking into the future – gathering and processing internal and external data is a critical part of the business. You won’t be able to succeed if you don’t work with data. The value of the internal data is obvious because you need to understand your business, you need to understand the statistics, you need to understand the predictions and to be able to make wise decisions based on that data. 

But the external web data allows you to better understand the verticals, to better understand the market and the competition from an external point of view. And the combination gives you the opportunity to make the best possible decisions. Because without the data, you can’t make wise or good quality decisions.

We use Bright Data’s Residential and Datacenter network as well as the Web Unlocker to power our data collection solutions for our customers. The reliable network and extensive infrastructure is what keeps our products running smoothly, allowing us to collect accurate public web data to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We turned to Bright Data in particular for a couple of reasons. The first was the price, it met our needs for the level of service it provided. 

The second was the flexibility – we like to use the pay as you go services, because we don’t know beforehand how much data, or how many requests, we will need for the product to work. It’s mostly unpredictable, and the pay as you go feature is a good differentiator compared to other providers.

We also have a dedicated account manager that we can reach out to with questions and issues if ever we encounter them, and they are very responsive. So, the partnership with Bright Data is moving along smoothly, and we are pleased with the service it provides. 

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