Product Lead at CRED Investments

CRED Investments is a start-up that works closely with various players in the sports space, using data, intelligence, and data algorithms to improve their decision-making both on and off the field.

Our customers include top professional sports teams and organizations in elite competitions across Europe, North America and Asia such as the Champions League and Formula 1. They are primarily clubs, federations, leagues, competitions and also brands that want to market within the sports space as well as individual athletes.

We have three primary products. One is financial, which can predict the careers of football players and help them with their finances with a view towards their retirement. 

The second product is about on-field performance, using sports performance data to help teams, agents and organizations find the right players, as well as help the players themselves to make good on-field decisions. 

Last, we have a commercial product, which helps leagues, teams, federations, advertisers, etc. use data to better understand their audiences and find new commercial partners as well as additional revenue streams. 

We found that there is a real need for data in the sports industry to achieve better performance and make better decisions on and off the field.

So, we help our customers approach these decisions methodically with this premise, using data and our various products to identify opportunities for them across this space.

Web data is essential to what we do. Web data can be used to make better decisions and build intelligence to identify new opportunities that overall help our customers increase their bottom line and achieve their objectives in the sports world. 

For example, all sports teams are looking for sponsors. That’s basically a large part of their revenues.

The way these sponsorship opportunities have been pitched in the past were based on an emotional basis, without any scientific data or support. Such as, “these are the values the team stands for and look how excited we are to have you as a sponsor.” 

In a data-driven world, that’s not enough to convince brands or advertisers to jump on board with the team. They want to be able to prove, with data, that they will receive a substantial ROI for sponsoring the team.

We help clubs/teams to apply science to their pitches, helping them to better understand the brands they are approaching, their customers as well as their own audience, to identify sponsors that fit their fan base.

Through that, our clients can show the brands, with data, “here is the kind of return you can expect to get, and this is why this partnership would be a good fit.”

We began acquiring datasets from Bright Data to support our operations for two reasons.

One is the coverage of the web data, which we then package together with other data sources and suppliers to present as intelligence to partners. Second, the more data we have, the more precise our models will be. 

So, ideally, we want to have as much data as possible, so that our machine-learning models and algorithms are as reliable as possible.

The datasets we acquire have a lot to do with public audience web data across different online platforms and also company-related web data. 

The reason we chose Bright Data is the combination of the breadth of the web data, the different datasets available, the freshness of the web data and the ability to bundle all those relevant datasets into a reasonable price for us. 

If we didn’t have access to this web data, it would definitely make our lives a lot more difficult. 

The whole premise here is that we want to be able to understand audiences and customer bases on a much more granular basis. If we weren’t able to do it, we probably wouldn’t have much of a business. So, web data is obviously essential to our operations.

Bright Data is definitely an indispensable part of our data universe, and I think that’s reflected in the size of the partnership. 

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