Yorgos Panzaris

CTO at Convert Group

Convert Group offers the complete omnichannel SaaS ecosystem that helps retailers and brands grow sales, streamline collaboration, and seize data monetisation opportunities.

Through state-of-the-art machine learning and big data, Convert Group provides total control of the Digital Shelf and real-time access to key retailer insights that help brands better navigate and grow their omnichannel sales.

The company already serves more than 85 brands and 400 retailers processing over 500,000 products yearly across 18 countries.

We provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) data-driven solution that allows brands to boost category management and marketing strategy to grow sales using real-time, actionable retailer insights.

Using eRetail Audit Marketplace, brands can have a streamlined and more transparent relationship with their retailers easily and reliably. This helps understand retailer economics and opportunities, speak the same language, create joint business plans and make smart optimization moves to grow share.

In order to do so, retailers provide us with their anonymized sales data, we enrich it, refresh it with public web data, curate it and then create reportable datasets that our client brands can purchase and draw actionable insights from. 

We partnered with Bright Data because we needed a reliable platform to be able to verify that the web data we collect is always accurate and that our crawlers consistently return the public web data we need.

Bright Data’s offering comes to fill that gap. That’s where our collaboration has started and we’re looking to extend it.

We’re currently using the Data Collector; both the Self-serve (DIY) Data Collector, where we will develop some collectors ourselves, and the Managed Collectors. So, it’s a mix.

We use collectors to scrape product specific details, such as images, availability, consumer sentiment and so on, from various online sources like e-commerce platforms and public social media websites, in order to bring in web data that enriches our reporting.

With regard to our partnership, we are really impressed with the reliability of the collectors, and very happy with Bright Data overall. We have a regular communication channel with our account manager, who is very helpful on all issues — both the business side and coming back with suggestions and offers — as well as the technical support.

More testimonials

Cheddi Rai
CEO at AdRetreaver
We are very pleased with the partnership with Bright Data. Everything's been good, the network has been very stable, we’re happy with the customer service and the support staff is bar none in our book.
George Koutsoudopoulos
CEO at tgndata
Having the best quality and quantity of data is the most important thing, and that's where the combination of Bright Data and tgndata works.
Yael Fridman
Marketing Director at Keter
We chose Bright Insights for its ability to track sales and map our competitors' products in categories that are vital to our business.

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