Francisc Czobor from Cars2Click

Francisc Czobor

Product owner at Cars2click

Cars2click is a B2B car trading company with an operational focus on buying and selling cars across the European Union. Our company currently has a presence in over 16 EU countries. 

Typically, the dealerships, who are our customers, would historically base the pricing of their vehicles on either personal experience or on what the dealership has sold the car for in the past. 

Our founders discovered that by collecting public web data from the market, it was possible to monitor how fast certain cars are sold online, the list prices of these cars as well as the most popular cars per region. Essentially it allows dealerships to peer into the looking glass of how cars are traded online, providing enhanced visibility into the market, as well as options to methodically optimize sales and marketing tactics.

Building on the need for this web data, Cars2click created a statistical model that the company now incorporates as part of its subscription services — using web data collected from the online market to feed and refresh its statistics with real-time web data and insights.

We are always looking at ways to grow the business. Both North America and Southeast Asia are becoming extremely big markets for us, and it is likely that we will move into both regions soon. In order to support our expansion, we need to increase the web data that we already collect by targeting different local sources that will provide us with a clear view of these new markets.

We can’t use European data models in America or Asia because the markets are so different. We need access to local web data so that we can provide our customers with the insights they need to make informed decisions in their own markets.

We came to Bright Data because we needed a stable partner and a reliable solution that would enable us to quickly and safely scrape the web without any downtime or interruptions to our operations. 

Web data collection has always been a huge issue for big data companies in our field. It has become more and more difficult to overcome the different blocking techniques of dealerships and automobile e-commerce public websites that do not necessarily want us viewing their content.  

In our data collection process, we use the Bright Data network. We start by using the Datacenter network solution. If that fails and we get blocked by the website, we then use the Web Unlocker, which automates unlocking of the toughest websites with unprecedented rates. 

It’s been a great experience so far; the Web Unlocker has solved many of the issues that were plaguing our web data collection processes in the beginning.

We have an amazing partnership with Bright Data. I’ve worked with many companies before, but this is one of the best relationships I’ve had with a solution partner. Our account managers in the past two years have been great, and the engineering team is very professional.

We do not see ourselves going forward without Bright Data’s services and partnership. 

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