Misaki Sugawara

CEO/CTO at butinuki Co., Ltd.
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Butinuki is a data collection agency that specializes in supporting Japanese companies with public web data collection and analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies. 

We propose data analysis solutions designed to gather insights that help businesses enhance their creative work styles – inherently fostering more productive work flows, while keeping employees fully engaged within their own responsibilities. 

Through the process of analyzing and interpreting internal metrics as well as relevant public web data, Butinuki helps identify areas of operations within our client companies that can be enhanced in order to optimize employee performance, and from there we can build systems to enhance future operations.

Our solutions are mainly used by clients who have not considered large-scale AI tools but want to partially use RPA and AI technologies. We like to describe our product as basically “a smart AI for your company that can answer everything.”

Our company believes that every company should always know what is the bottleneck of their business. In order to identify these obstructions, organizations need to collect reliable web data at scale and employ engineers who can structure this data into insights.

However, collecting public web data and preparing it for analysis in-house is not easy. Typically our clients aren’t resourced enough and have issues overcoming the challenges of processing, identifying as well as structuring the large amounts of data that flows within as well as outside their organizations. 

And while AI and RPA makes operations more efficient, it is not always successful in introducing it. AI and RPA is not an end in itself, it is just a means to streamline operations, and unless it is clear what you want to do by introducing it, it will not lead to important results.

Therefore to understand the correct point of direction, we need access to reliable public web data in order to understand the current status of the company through interactions with company websites in addition to the analysis of internal business processes. 

This allows us to find realistic solutions that incorporate the minimum required functions and costs to be effective.

Our product is unique in the sense that, in Japan, the sole utilization of web data to make informed decisions is quite rare. We are devising ways to paint a full enough picture for companies to make informed decisions using insights gathered from public web data, and we tailor these strategies depending on the visualization of the data as well as the knowledge of the client party.

We use Bright Data’s network as well as its public data collection products to collect and analyze external data points at scale for our clients such as: Text and images of web advertisements, real estate value assessments, SNS user behavior, customer and product reviews, competitors or partners within a client’s vertical, stock prices, personnel transfer information, etc. 

This information allows us to identify whether the work flow of the company is correct and whether there are parts of the business that can be automated by RPA, or combined RPA and specialized AI that can be put into practical use to enhance organizational operations.

Bright Data’s network helps us support our domestic clients in this avenue, as well as to strengthen our proprietary technology to streamline the creation of business automation mechanisms that enhance workflow, which will in turn enhance our ability to offer more advanced analysis and decision making solutions as time moves forward.

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