Xiaolong Shi

Crawler Engineer at Bitget

Bitget started operating three years ago, focusing on web3 and blockchain, and today it is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitget conducts business differently from classical financial companies, relying on data to drive forward the crypto industry and establish it as the center of tech innovation.

We have customers from all over the world. We monitor different cryptocurrencies around the globe to have an agile perception of the market, then our team of analysts and researchers use that data for our information platform, which our customers rely on to make their financial decision accordingly.

We extract data from different publicly available websites worldwide to better understand the crypto industry. We provide valuable data analysis to similar platforms and also use data for evaluating companies in this area of expertise. Our goal is to have an agile perception of the market which public data can help us to achieve.

Without Bright Data’s infrastructure and access to public web data, we would never be able to conduct data-based market research, because we would need hundreds of people to sit and try to crawl websites manually – an impossible feat.

We began using Bright Data’s proxy products, not only because others recommended them, but because they outperformed any other company we tried. Bright Data’s products are the best, and I appreciate their team’s efforts in developing such a good service.

Bright Data’s proxy network has the best quality and the best success rate. Working with Bright Data helped us to quickly build our research department and start running a very stable and fast data extraction system. It saved our analysts and researchers a lot of time, providing them with qualitative and widely covered data, hence successfully supporting our exchange’s data needs with high-quality results.

More testimonials

Victor Bolu
CEO of Webautomation
As a market leader and with an award-winning infrastructure, the partnership with Bright Data allows us to extract public web data from millions of web pages a day without many challenges.
Shameel Abdulla
Co-founder and CEO of Clootrack
Bright Data’s infrastructure is as reliable as it gets. By relying on Bright Data for collecting and structuring public data for us, our customers get the best value for investing in our services.
Alejandro Lechuga
Co-founder and COO at DocFarma
Bright Data seems to be the perfect partner according to its adaptability and efficiency in collecting large volumes of data. And for us, it was very important to get day-to-day data in a short time and with the best quality data.