Eduarda Ballester Dias

Head of Finance at Axur
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Axur is a leading SaaS platform for monitoring digital risks on the internet.

Companies need to take consumer protection in the digital environment seriously.

The fact that criminals impersonate companies to deceive consumers can lead to much more than just financial losses. Attacks against the consumer’s digital experience have long-term effects, but they can also lead to heavy fines when personal data is involved.

Without comprehensively and persistently monitoring risk in digital channels, companies remain susceptible to a wide variety of brand and cyber risk events.

We shield our client brands from risks like fraud (phishing, malware or pharming), sales abuse (unauthorized sales or third-party sellers), brand misuse or fraudulent brand use (unauthorized brand usage in paid searches, fake social profiles, similar domain names or rogue mobile apps), issues of identity theft, data leakage as well as various executive and VIP threats and so on. 

Once we become alerted to a potential misuse of a client brand, we then present these risks to our customers for review directly on the platform. From there, the customer can choose if they want to react to this alerted content or just monitor without reacting. 

If they choose to act, then our reaction solutions include features such as the removal of infringing content, and if the customer wants to dig a bit deeper into further ways to protect its brand, we also offer services such as digital risk analysis.

The majority of our customers are enterprise and mid-market companies — focusing on e-commerce, retail and fintech — and these larger organizations are typically more exposed to digital risks that could harm their brand, considering their popularity and notoriety. 

Using Axur Platform, our customers are given an inherent ability to increase their bottom line; considering only legitimate uses of their brand will appear available online to the public, which diminishes the impact of illegal third-party sellers and subsequently helps drive in further e-commerce earnings.

More importantly, our platform also saves our customers a lot of time and helps them focus on what’s important to them – such as improving their products, services or enhancing operations – and remove some of the work being done by their anti-fraud and security teams. 

This becomes possible because customers can handle more threats, remove more fake advertisements, and improve overall customer and retailer satisfaction, with the latter knowing the seller on the other side is legit – for certain. Basically, the entire customer experience improves.

One of our main competitive advantages is the knowledge of the local market, something that global companies who try to enter the local market often lack. 

We sometimes say ‘Brazil is a laboratory’ of the global market because there is a lot of fraud, even very creative and sophisticated kinds. 

You really need to know the market in order to succeed here, and working together with Bright Data we have been able to corner off a large section of the Brazilian market, considering the full platform we provide, and we have been able to focus on improving our services further in the long-run.

To perform our operations, we collect public web data using artificial intelligence (AI), and we invest a lot in developing our AI capabilities. We currently have a team dedicated to this, and we invest in partnerships to advance this domain. 

We gather public web data using the Bright Data Residential, Datacenter and Mobile networks as well as the Web Unlocker. This web data is very important for our business.

And, I think data consumption is going to grow moving forward, and we need to be prepared. 

Here at Axur we actually saw growth in the past two years, maybe a bit different than what other companies experienced. Everyone moved online, something that was followed by more exposure and risks that needed to be monitored.  

We were actually well prepared to scale our operations and could keep up and continue to provide our services.

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We use public web data to understand the competitive dynamics of a market. In digitized markets, we can get all the offers capturing the web information.
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We use public web data to understand the competitive dynamics of a market. In digitized markets, we can get all the offers capturing the web information.
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We use public web data to understand the competitive dynamics of a market. In digitized markets, we can get all the offers capturing the web information.