Diego Meneses

Executive Director, Colombia at Automation Empire

At Automation Empire LLC we manage drop-shipping storefronts for clients on the Amazon marketplace. 

Our company is based in Bogota, Colombia, but we collect web data on products being sold across the United States. 

We find potential products for our clients to purchase that could be sold at a higher price on the Amazon marketplace and then list them for sale on the ecommerce platform.

When an Amazon customer decides to purchase that product, we then order the product from the manufacturer who ships it directly to the customer – providing no need for our clients to purchase or manage inventory, producing very little overhead.

We fully manage operations for our clients’ storefronts. Our clients make a monetary investment into their business, and we handle buying, selling, marketing and logistics for them – creating a passive revenue stream as we automate the process for their virtual storefronts.

Our clients expect to see returns on their investments, and our goal is to provide them with a tried and tested way to generate income on Amazon without having to be an expert seller on the marketplace.

To find the right products to sell, our company performs market research by gathering public data from websites like Walmart and Amazon – helping us to make better informed decisions on the products we target, and which will have the highest ROI for our clients.

Specifically, we run pricing comparisons on a range of different products and determine what they are being sold for in hundreds of locations around the United States. From there we analyze where there is room for upselling on Amazon. 

We use Bright Data’s network to collect these web data points from Amazon and Walmart, and it allows us to efficiently manage pricing and logistical strategies for our 300+ client storefronts.

It’s important when we perform pricing comparison on a product, that we are seeing what a real user, in that location of the United States, would see when searching for these same products on Walmart or Amazon. 

If we are being fed incorrect information, which could be the difference between two zip codes, we are unable to set the right prices for our products or conduct our business properly.

To get the most reliable information, we rely on the Bright Data proxy network to collect accurate public web data to build our pricing models off of, and so far the partnership with Bright Data has contributed to the precision in which we are able to conduct our operations, and within that our continued success as an organization.

The partnership with Bright Data is an integral part of our business model. To be successful it is crucial to know your customer, therefore web data collection and analysis is a necessary segment of our company’s day-to-day operations.

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