Web Scraping APIs

Scraping APIs

Scraping Browser API, SERP API, and Proxy API products  to fulfill your web scraping API needs. 

Dedicated proxies
  • Scraping APIs
     highest network stability
  • Scraping Browser API
    Puppeteer/Playwright compatible
    scrape all major search engines
  • Proxy API
    integrates with all coding languages

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Scraping APIs

Scraping Browser API

  • Bright Data's Scraping Browser API bypasses the toughest bot detection scripts & site blocks 
  • Scale thousands of sessions at once using browsers hosted on Bright Data infrastructure & optimized for data scraping
  • Easily make an API call to fetch any number of browser sessions and interact with them using Puppeteer (Python) or Playwright (Node.js) over a CDP protocol.


  • Use Bright Data's SERP API to scrape all major search 
  • See what a real user sees anywhere in the world including city-level targeting
  • Save operational costs on data extraction without worrying about maintenance
  • Structured data, delivered in JSON or HTML

Proxy API

  • Proxy API with total coverage in over195 countries
  • Simply copy and paste API code
  • Organize proxies with easy-to-use dashboard
  • In-depth FAQ and Proxy API documentation
Proxy API

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