Social Responsibility

We at Bright Data are committed to embedding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into the heart of our business to create added value for our customers and to benefit the societies in which we operate.

Bright Data's proxy networks are unique and powerful tools, so Bright Data's primary social responsibility is to ensure that our tools are used for purposes which benefit society and are not available for anti-social purposes.

Bright Data's use cases have a social benefit:

Transparency Network

Bright Data's primary use case is to increase transparency on the internet, in particular intensifying price competition between e-commerce companies. This drives down prices for consumers

Preventing Malicious Online Behaviour

Bright Data is used by many security companies to detect and prevent malicious behaviour online, including:

Bright Data is committed to ensuring that customers who access its network are not able to use it for anti-social purposes.

User compliance evaluation

All customers for Bright Data's Residential and Mobile IP proxy networks are required to pass Bright Data's User compliance evaluation procedure. Businesses which cannot demonstrate a legitimate use case for Bright Data will not be given access

Network Monitoring and Data Retention

Bright Data continually monitors the traffic through its networks, including checking that customers' stated use cases match their actual behaviour.

In the unlikely event that an anti-social organisation was able to access the network, their activity would be blocked in real time and urgently investigated.

Bright Data also retains network traffic data which it would use to investigate any incident.

Network security

Bright Data has state of the art network security in place

If you have any questions regarding Bright Data's Social Responsibility practices, please contact:
[email protected]