Marketplace Scraper

Scrape Marketplaces from different websites and collect data such as: product name, price, reviews, ratings, image, seller details, category, and more.

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Marketplace Scraper use cases

  • Scrape Marketplaces prices to compare your prices and inventory
  • Scrape Marketplaces best sellers to stay ahead of the competition
  • Scrape Marketplaces reviews to track consumer sentiment
  • Optimize your pricing, supply chain, and marketing strategy

Marketplace Scraper Overview

  • Data scraping with no infrastructure needed
  • Integrates with our industry-leading proxy networks
  • Exclusive site unlocking technology
  • Scale quickly – gather as much data as you need quickly and reliably
  • Bright Data is fully compliant with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including GDPR and CCPA.
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How to Marketplace Scraper:

  • Collect data on any marketplace listings to conduct accurate price comparison & to identify competitive products
  • Compete in new categories / products and tap into numerous competitors simultaneously to find gaps in inventory
  • Find out which categories and brands are trending in each country
  • Validate assortment and merchandising decisions
  • Spot shifts in consumer demand and quickly identify products that have decreasing/increasing popularity
  • Collect feedback and reviews data from marketplaces to understand your brand and your competitors’ image
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