Data Collector

Pricing FAQ

Data Collector is Bright Data’s all-in-one platform for collecting public web data at scale, with zero infrastructure required on your part. Click here to learn more.

Managed Collectors are scrapers requested by the customer, and are maintained by Bright Data. Self-serve Collectors are scrapers created by the customer, using Bright Data’s IDE and are maintained by the customer. We have ready-made collectors for popular websites such as, so you can begin collecting with the Self-Serve plan and pay only for page load usage.

When a web page is initially rendered, all the data on that page is included in the first page load. Clicking on a link to load a new page or scrolling the page to see more data (as a lazy load) is a second page load.
You can commit to higher collection volumes to receive a lower rate.
Choose from CSV, Microsoft Excel, or JSON.

Select your preferred delivery and storage method: Email, API, Webhook, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or SFTP.

The Data Collector platform is operated by you or your Bright Data account manager. With our Datasets product we deliver the data hands-free. In addition, datasets usually refer to entire domains or a significant segment of a domain. For instance, “all of LinkedIn”.