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Our mission is to innovate and leverage AI as the ethical, responsible and transparent leader of the public web data industry, while shaping the future of public data accessibility.

  • Most trusted Web Data Platform
  • Founded 2014
  • 450+ team members
  • 20,000+ customers
  • 5,500+ patents
  • HQ in Netanya, IL
  • Offices in NYC & San Francisco
  • Privately held by EMK Capital
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A program to support the press designed with deadlines in mind

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Bright Initiative logos and brand information for partners

Impact Report

What we achieved in 2023 and how that is shaping the future of Bright Data

Bright Data in Practice

How our customers and partners use our technology to make intelligent decisions

Data for Good

Bright Initiative by Bright Data, a pro-bono program, powers 750+ organizations to do good

Musk Lifts Bans for Thousands on Twitter, Here’s What They are Tweeting

Protecting Your Brand With Public Web Data Scraping

Three things retailers should know about consumer attitudes this Christmas

Data acquisition remains unaffected amidst shrinking department budgets, reveal research

5 Mins With Or Lenchner, CEO web data platform Bright Data

Report: 90% of companies have increase budget for web data this past year

Bright Data: “Powering The Real-Time Economy With Automated Web Data Collection

Data the Final Frontier with Gunja Gargeshwari Ep 203

Bright Data CEO “We have crossed $100 million in annual revenue”

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Green Getaways: Celebrating Earth Day with Eco-friendly Travel

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