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LinkedIn profiles and companies dataset offers a complete overview of all public listings on LinkedIn and includes all the data you need to make informed business decisions.

LinkedIn Datasets

The LinkedIn companies dataset includes all major data points: ID, country, industry, size, # of followers, website, subsidiaries, posts, affiliate companies, and more. The LinkedIn public profiles dataset includes data points such as: name, title, position, current company, avatar, experience, education, location and more. Subsets are available by industries and countries.

Collect business intelligence
for effective competitive analysis

Leverage firmographic data to track company growth, identify key companies, professionals, employee movement between companies, and more efficient competitive intelligence and analysis.

Discover investment
opportunities and trends

Evaluate company growth and industry trends for data-driven decision-making. Hedge funds, VCs, and financial firms looking to enhance their investment analysis gain massive value from the LinkedIn dataset.

Enrich your CRM with B2B
company and people data

Fuel your lead generation pipeline and sales intelligence with high-quality data on companies and employees by integrating and enriching your CRM with a complete LinkedIn dataset.

Locate & keep track of top talent

Leverage public data for insights on millions of qualified professionals’ skills, education, and experience. Boost recruitment, track talent movement, & update candidate databases with real-time LinkedIn profile data.

Locate & keep 
track of top talent

Get your LinkedIn datasets in minutes