Gennady Kotov

CPO at XChainer

XChainer is a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that helps users to better manage their investments on Binance. The platform allows users to compare digital assets, create visualized portfolios, and view detailed analytics of their investments.

Our global customers are individual users who have multiple requirements. Whether they want to invest in crypto and feel like they’re not qualified enough, or interacting with a professional finance interface is too complicated for them. 

XChainer offers users a product that simplifies their interaction with crypto and helps them avoid scams, easily create portfolios, compare crypto prices, and more. When we had a small number of users, we tried using different proxy solutions that weren’t stable enough for our needs.

We started using Bright Data’s proxy infrastructure for their extensive pool of IPs, as it allows us to use different proxy networks for different use cases.

Working with Bright Data is perfect for our needs, we have been using Bright Data’s solutions for the past two years and our experience working with them has been great.I recommend Bright Data to all of my colleagues who need to access and collect publicly available web data.

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