Victor Bolu

CEO of Webautomation

WebAutomation is a self-service, web-based data collection platform that allows anyone to easily extract public data at scale from web pages without having to write any code or download anything.

Our customers range from SMBs to mid-market-size companies. Their challenge is always the same. They either don’t know how to code or do not want to code, especially in developing web scraping scripts and managing the infrastructure.

WebAutomation offers a range of ready-to-use web data extractors. Our platform abstracts the complexity of web scraping like proxy management, website blocking and managing or updating scrapers when they break. This allows our users to focus on ensuring consistent, reliable access to public web data at scale.

We were born from the desire to level the playing field and make public data from the world’s largest database – the web – readily available. Since big companies use data automation to gain competitive advantages and win, we wanted to empower businesses by giving them access to public information on the web without barriers so they can use data to grow their businesses.

Initially, we began helping businesses by writing, hosting and maintaining custom web scrapers but our customers demanded a solution that could put them back in control and alleviate them from the pain of maintaining custom scrapers. We saw an opportunity to create the ultimate easy-to-use tool to scrape public web data.

We turned to Bright Data because we were looking for a partner that will work with us to ensure our challenges are overcome, preferably one with a strong interest in R&D and developing continuous solutions to increase success rates in public web scraping.

As a market leader and with an award-winning infrastructure, the partnership with Bright Data allows us to extract public web data from millions of web pages a day without many challenges. Thus far, we are pleased with our collaboration as they have supported us both technically and commercially to meet our goal of democratizing public web data.

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