Andrew James Devlyn

CTO & Co-Founder at FairPlay

Fairplay, a lending company for e-commerce businesses, has seen significant growth and success since its inception in 2019. The company’s unique approach allows customers to tailor the product to their needs, distinguishing it from competitors. With nearly 400 customers and $75 million in loans last year, Fairplay has a low NPL rate and is on track to serve over a thousand customers this year.

Despite this success, Fairplay faced challenges in building a robust sales pipeline. They needed to identify and reach potential entrepreneurs who lacked a history of operating a company. To overcome this, Fairplay turned to Bright Data.

Bright Data’s user-friendly platform enabled Fairplay to generate more leads and increase sales. The responsive and timely support from Bright Data’s team further enhanced the experience. As a result, Fairplay plans to continue using Bright Data in the future, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness in driving business growth.

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