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Shoptagr, now called KarmaNow, is an online shopping platform with a continuously growing, global customer base, that allows customers to save products from e-commerce stores and receive notifications if the price changes, if the product is close to running out, or if it’s come back in stock. They help their users save time and money.

The challenge: In order for Shoptagr to give their users the kind of information that they want (letting them know if an item’s price has lowered, if the item is close to running out, or if the item is back in stock), they needed access to public data from specific public e-commerce websites, which they were typically being blocked from.

The solution: While Shoptagr had already built an infrastructure from which to collect online data, they chose the Bright Data Web Unlocker to gain access to the public data they needed from websites, in order to provide
their users with the information they promise.

The outcome: By using Bright Data’s Web Unlocker, Shoptagr is able to take advantage of Bright Data‘s stable network, and get access to the public data they need, with barely any downtime. They are also building a crowdsourcing platform to collect all of the items their users are searching for, and give all users access to them. Thanks to Bright Data’s Web Unlocker, they’re able to give their users a better shopping experience and save them time and money.

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